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Valletta (Malta) by Ferry.


We are nearing the end of our trip to Malta lasted almost four years. Yes, soon we greet the island that has given us so many beautiful adventures with many experiences that greatly enriched.

So until the end we enjoy it, we do not lose even a moment the sea view, knowledge of the history and peculiarity that distinguishes this country that is in the middle between a British-style, Arabic and Italian. A mix of cultures imported by various invaders and historical events that happened many years ago.

We decide to go to visit a place that fascinates many of the people who choose to land in Malta, Valletta, the historic capital par excellence (in 2018 will be the European Capital of Culture). How many times we walked through the narrow streets that rise and fall in a succession of plots and alleys, but whatever direction you decide to take, you know that here all roads lead to the sea.

When you arrive at the small port and disembarking from the ferry, you understand immediately that the walk is all uphill. But nothing should scare, curiosity always goes beyond our strength, which suddenly seem to come all at once and you do not feel tired. Valletta is not only history but also the charm of the doors and colored balconies. The latter have the impression that the Arabs have left. Used by Muslim women to observe the road, from behind the windows without being seen. They are called gallarija and gardjoli and some are really characteristic bright colors.

We climb up to Republic Street full of shops, bars and restaurants and a lot of people walking by filling the street with the sound of talk and walk, cameras and kids running everywhere. How many times we have paused to admire the Co-Cathedral of St. John in St. John’s Street. From outside you can not understand the beauty that encloses. A Bijou with its Baroque style where you can also admire two masterpieces by Caravaggio. But this time we decided not to go, we prefer to stay among the people, enjoy the beautiful day and follow the crowds of tourists and forward us we too in their slow journey but determined the discovery.

We reach the Grand Master’s Palace in St. George’s Square which hides a lavish interior. This was once the residence of the Grand Masters of the Knights of St. John (in the sixteenth century) then became the seat of the parliament of Malta until 2015. One can admire a collection of about 5000 armor and weapons at the museum that houses internal. The Palace is also the residence of the President of Malta, but you can visit the rooms like the Tapestry Room and the Throne.

But having already visited, we decided just to stay outside and take advantage of the fountains in front of the building that once housed the Guards, to refresh our feet that the ups and downs we have traveled a lot, and all under the warm sun of summer.

We continue after taking a cool and refreshing fresh fruit smoothie at Dr. Juice (Merchants Street) we refill body and mind, and so still wandering through the narrow streets and alleys that differentiate this small but great capital, that really never stops despite the surprise we visited in several circumstances, yet there still happen to find that little detail that sometimes we had escaped.

Reached the end of our little trip, last shots to capture here and the memories and historical sites that this city possesses. We just have to start towards the harbor to catch the ferry that will take us back to Sliema. Until next time …

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