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Two days in Amsterdam…


Traveling alone is not for everybody, but our friend Chiara does it, because he said tried once more will not stop. Previously she shared with us all her Cruise from single and now tells us two fantastic days spent in Amsterdam.

She arrived at the hotel, just the time to shore up its bags and already was walking around looking for people to meet, a city to explore and traditional food to try. The charm of its facilities and houses that characterize the Dutch style has impressed and excited Chiara who was expecting such a thing, but seeing it live is another matter entirely. The wonder is to see that many windows are decorated in them with all sorts of objects, with no curtain so that just anyone walking, can admire them. Flowers, statues of cats or various animals, small windmills which are a bit the symbol of this country. The city is rich in luxurious mansions on the gables decorated with charming canals, but also crooked houses and quite curious.

How not to be enchanted by its bridges, around 1500, passing over a 100 km long network of canals. Among these the most important are the Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht.


Chiara remains absolutely enchanted in the Dam Square, where you overlook the Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis) and the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) known for being the place where you carry out coronations of the Royal Family.

She doesn’t miss anything, and after racing for bridges, canals and admired the architecture that characterizes the city, wanted to see that part transgressive that is unfortunately well-known and named by many tourists who have visited it. The Red Light District where there are sex shops, nightclubs, brothels, the sex museum and numerous prostitutes lying in glass cases as if they were mannequins in a shop, with the difference that here are nearly naked or lingerie, that invite you to enter. Remember that it is absolutely forbidden to take pictures of women in the window and the utmost attention to pickpockets, although the whole area is patrolled video. Curiosity has been filled and our friend, after a good laugh, continues because Amsterdam is not just sex and coffee shops (where it is legal to buy and smoke marijuana).


Amsterdam has many museums to visit, about 75, such as:

  • The Van Gogh Museum where you will find a rich collection dedicated to the artist who marked the history of the twentieth century.
  • The Rijksmuseum National Museum, which houses the most prestigious collection of Flemish art.
  • The Anne Frank House where the girl of the world’s most famous diary, along with his family, he spent a period of hiding from the Nazis. Here everything is as it was then, you will also find personal items and photographs as evidence of one of the most atrocious periods of history.
  • The Museum of Science New Metropolis, also called Nemo entirely devoted to experimentation. Located in a characteristic of the ship-shaped structure offers visitors to laboratories where experiments and scientific evidence.
  • Historisch Museum in Amsterdam which houses some interesting objects that accompany you in the history of the city. Here you will find the first car without wheels.
  • The waxwork museum, Madame Tussads, located on Dam Square. Here you will have fun taking selfies with movie stars, singers and historical characters all played in an extraordinary way.

Taking advantage of the testimony of our friend I listed to you just some of the attractions that you can, try and live in this city. Amsterdam is magnificent, majestic and bizarre in some ways, but in any case never disappoints and leave a beautiful memory.

I managed to visit twice a few years ago and who knows, I may want to visit it again. Like me too my friend Chiara found her fascinating and full of so much history and beauty. Alone she turned quietly, still being careful to not step in alleys or uncrowded streets.

And you remember that you have?

5 Responses
  • infuso di riso
    febbraio 21, 2017

    carissima marika
    pensa che ci pensavo proprio in questi gg io e chicco…a un mini viaggio ad amsterdam ..chissà…
    cmq intanto grazie del post e delle foto che mi hanno fatto sognare per qualche minuto portandomi via dal grigiore della giornata…
    buon pome

    • Marika
      febbraio 21, 2017

      Anche un we per evadere in una città così magica, te lo auguro… 😉

  • Gipsy
    febbraio 21, 2017

    ho fatto anche io un week end ad Amsterdam da sola mentre lavoravo a Colonia, bella città, mi ha fatto venire voglia di fare un bel giro dell’Olanda.

    • Marika
      febbraio 21, 2017

      Si perché non solo Amsterdam ma l’Olanda in generale è una bellezza da visitare.

      • Gipsy
        febbraio 21, 2017

        Amsterdam ha fin troppi eccessi, ho visto scene un po’ eccessive… Ma è sicuramente un assaggio di quello che c’è fuori.

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