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The thrilling bridge, only for some?


Imagine walking on a bridge, suspended hundreds of meters, crossing the gap from one side of the mountain, with a breathtaking view… Yes, because to take your breath away will be the clear glass that you underfoot.

Ponte di vetro

All this was created in China, within the Geopark Shiniuzhai in the Chinese province of Hunan, a spectacle of nature you can admire and cross on a long walkway 300 meters at a height of 180 m, pure astonishment.

The designers ensure that everything is created with safe enough to endure the wind, earthquakes and the extent of 800 brave people who manage to walk like hanging in the air. Some people can challenge this fear, those who walk with your eyes closed securely attached to the edges and those who do not can own and after the first steps backtracks, overwhelmed by the sheer terror of falling.

Previously there was a wooden walkway, replaced for this project by as many as 10 engineers and hundreds of workers who have recreated this very original bridge named by many as “The bridge of the Heroes” for the tremendous courage that you have to have to be able to overcome.

Geniuses or crazy, whatever you think, you really have to reward the uniqueness of architecture and design, surrounded by the absolute beauty of wild nature. We just hope that none of this has had a negative impact to the environment that is not only admired must be preserved and kept at best.

And you are ready for this great emotion?

2 Responses
  • roberta
    luglio 13, 2016

    io ero terrorizzata anche solo allo skywalk del grandcanyon, ma davvero terrorizzata qui non credo ce la farei mai..

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