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The Merchant of smiles.


We thought told everything of Yasin and his life in Jodhpur in Rajasthan.



We don’t know him personally but our mutual messages we understand that it is a nice guy, humble and simple, very attached to its traditions but like all guys have dreams. But what most impressed us is what he does to help his people .

He works with dedication in a gift shop where he sell fabrics, carpets, clothing, statues, colorful furniture and handcrafted. He sells to tourists who arrive each day and visit the city with tour, come and also found the friendliness this people send to all.

60% of his salary he gives to the poor and needy of the country, which are many and it is not hard to see why. It is known that in India the poverty rate is very high, a country that lately is growing very economically but not enough to feed and make all work.

Children grow up in the streets, schools sometimes non-existent or created as in Jodhpur in the desert, where young students sit on the floor, no desks and chairs, follow their lessons and instead of the blackboard and writing books on the sand.

Yasin also tells us that until a few years ago the girls were given in marriage at the age of 9 or 10 years old, but fortunately nowadays this happens less and less. Absurd and inconceivable for most of us, as it can be. But how can we understand or judge when our reality is very different from theirs, so culturally and socially distant from this nation. We hope that this situation will change soon, that in the world all children return to live like children, carefree and with the innocence that any child should have.

Yasin has affected us much, his gentleness and kindness touched our hearts, the journey that has left us is that of hope. Each of us can think what he wants, but we really like him, a merchant of smile, a humble and selfless man, how can you help those in need, although not wealthy economically becomes a rich person of mind. When he returns to his native country, instead of resting, he helps the family in the fields, because that’s what they taught him, always help, because one day the others will help you in times of need.

So if a day passed through here, in addition to admire this fantastic location, the immensity of the desert, etc ., Have asked for Yasin and if you buy something in his store, know that not only will have made him happy but also all the people of his city.

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