The discovery of Porto Santo, Portugal.

Porto Santo ( poɾtu  sɐtu ) is a fantastic Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of Morocco also known as the “Caribbean of Europe “.

Small but nice, long 10 kilometres and wide 6, composed on the southern coast of fine sandy beaches, while the north is characterised by rocks on the sea.

Porto Santo1
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The weather is mild all year with temperatures between 18°/27°, low rainfall and dry winds that characterise the arid landscape, with scarce vegetation and full of succulents plants including prickly pears that grow wild everywhere.

The main beach of fine golden sand that stretches for 9 km, delight the tourists that come here to enjoy this show. The island is also called “Golden Beach” on 2012 it received the appointment of  “The Best Dunes Beach” of Portugal.

Porto Santo4

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Relaxation, beautiful scenery characterize the ideal holiday for families and for those in search of tranquility. Furthermore, both the sand and the crystal clear waters, somebody say these have therapeutic properties, scientifically tested, they have iodine, magnesium and calcium, very indicated to cure certain diseases.

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If you’re curious like us, you can visit the wonders and history of this fascinating place has to display. As the tiny town of Vila Baler, located in the southeast of the island, where you can see the house of Christopher Columbus, that lived here for a certain period of time to plan and define the best possible preparations for his trip to the discovery of America. Inside a mausoleum with some of the objects of the explorer.


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If nature fascinates you can visit the archaeological site of Pico de Ana Ferreira, where there are mountains of pentagonal columns formed over the years by erosion and volcanic thrust. A colourful mountain and curious shapes, just amazing if you think that it is only the work of nature.

Porto Santo

Hire a quad bike and tour the island to discovery the splendour of the view, completely on the road, shakes by the wind as it has created in Fonte de Areia. A magic sand show that with the complicity of the wind has formed dunes of different shapes, stratified by time. This hike is also possible to do it with a jeep and driving.

Porto Santo9

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Glimpses of the ocean everywhere and nice windmills that adorn the scenery, some  inactive, created on 1800 to take advantage  the power of the wind and work cereals. The island thus assumes a picturesque appearance, like a beautiful picture that never stop to look.

Porto Santo 11

If you want to admire the aerial view, you can try it on Pico Castelo Viewpoint, one of the best point on the island, to contemplate nature and the ocean. Succulents surrounding landscape, taking advantage of this, to take beautiful picture. There is also the presence of an old cannon dating back to the sixteenth century.

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If you are looking for an oasis in the desert, then you should absolutely visit Quinta das Palmeiras. Small botanical garden, surrounded by barren land of the island, gives precisely the idea that the owner, a private citizen from Madeira, wanted to recreate an Eden in the middle of nowhere. Well cared for, It host to several species of birds, some parrots, ducks, swans and ostriches and many imported plants.

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So here in Porto Santo you find a little bit of everything you need to make your holiday unforgettable.

Have a good journey!

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  1. sono stata a porto santo e ne ho anche scritto sul blog, ho adorato questa isola, un angolo di paradiso ancora lontano dalle rottoe turistiche, spero che rimanga sempre così!

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