The "chameleon" train.


Here we go again, the Japanese, active people, innovative creators of weird and wacky things but far from useless.

The great invention this time comes from the architect Kazuyo Sejima, successful woman who won the 2010 Pritzker Architecture Prize.
This prize is given annually to award  talent, commitment and skill of the professional who has made significant contributions through art that combines with the daily usage of humans and environment.
Treno mimetico1

This extraordinary woman has designed a new train, reflective, which blends with the natural environment adapting thanks to a special coating of mirrors, reducing environmental impact and therefore not ruining the beautiful natural landscape of the railway line.

Not only visual impact but also the environment because there will be net reductions in pollution and fuel consumption.
Treno mimetico
The interior, also designed by the architect, will be very comfortable and functional, meeting the needs of travelers, each detail has been conceived accordingly.
It will be inaugurated in the spring of 2018 by the Japanese Seibu Railway which owns and operates the rail line Red Arrow and has previously designed coloured and design trains to beautify the landscape.
The mirror train has a cylindrical shape in order to speed on rails, blending in a perfect way right like a chameleon does.

Efficiency, beauty and service, this is what the creators promise of this amazing vehicle. Modernity that embraces nature. A great invention that we really like, most of all as that respects the environment by increasing passengers’ comfort.

Maybe we’ll have to wait a bit  before seeing a similar train in Europe, but we’ll do. Meanwhile we’ll continue to keep you posted, always curious in search of useful news, to travel informed.

Have a nice trip!

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