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Taiwan and the art of tea


Taipei is Taiwan’s capital, southeastern China, where you can find the right mix of tradition and modernity, from the most technologically and sparkling skyscrapers (Taipei 101) to millennial temples.

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As in many Asian cities, tea is part of the culture, cha no yu (tea time), but literally translated only means hot water for tea. In China, I was able to attend various moments when people would take a break to sip their drink: at breakfast, in the middle of the afternoon, but is usually eaten during meals. Water alone is low, used only for infusions.

Even in Taipei and all over Taiwan, this is happening and it is easy to find shops selling the finest infusions, even at high cost, because the processing of herbal mixture is still manually produced, using a traditional and ancient method, handed down by Generation to generation.

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Our special envoy departed from China to reach this island and discover a magical place where people live and work according to these ancient traditions. The village can be reached by car and during the journey you can see the sudden change from the metropolis to nature.

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Tea plantation, the Camelia Sinensis, is located near the river, under the mountains, where the climate is much cooler and the air becomes breathable. All around a succession of wonderful views interrupted only by the passage of the river.


Herbs are harvested, left to rest (oxidation) and then dried in these heated tanks. The process is slow and meticulous, and the herbs are left to rest, the more their taste is refined. The variety of tea depends on both the type of plant and the processing itself.


Taiwan is one of the world’s leading tea exporters and Oolong tea (black dragon) is known. The economy grew exponentially thanks to tea cultivation and processing so to create an association, the Taipei Tea Merchants Association, which regulates this market from 1889 to present.

You can visit these plantations scattered throughout Taiwan, booking them with tour operators or directly on site in travel agencies, travel agencies or hotels.

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