Sirmione to discover … the legend of the Castle!

Destination Sirmione, only 45 km of highway far away from Brescia center. We visit the place of thermal waters, where many people decide to stay in beautiful hotels and relax with fantastic treatments in SPA or treat theirselves with water.
Sirmione is an Italian town close to Brescia, in Lombardy, and is located in the peninsula jutting into Lake Garda for about four kilometers.
Following the signs to the historical center while lining up on one side of the lake we are enchanted by its charm, its calm waters and the mist which rises. On the road, we do not forget to take pictures of this beauty.



You get to the parking made of a long driveway lined on one side by houses and hotels, on the other from the lake, and you can see the impressive Castello Scaligero.



Scaligeri built up the castle between the XIII and XIV century, under the order of Mastino I della Scala, in order to protect the port from intruders.

The castle has thick walls and three towers characterized by battlements dovetail and the impressive master, 47 meters high, under which are the cells for the prisoners that were once captured. Surrounded by Lake Garda, it seems to float above the waters and come back to mind memories of those fairy tales which castles use the drawbridge as a connection to the mainland.

We enter the village through the bridge and we notice immediately the beauty and the characteristic coloured houses that enliven the place shrouded by a dense mystery, as the legend that is told over the Castle.

Legend tells that a long time ago, two lovers used to live in the castle, Ebengardo and beautiful Arice. The two guys spent their lives in the austere walls of the castle, regardless of anything that happened outside. One night, during a violent storm, while flirting in front of the fireplace, suddenly somebody knocked the door. Ebengardo opened the door and found himself in front of Elalberto, a knight who came from Veneto. The two lovers opened the doors of their castle with hospitality but unfortunately during the night, Elalberto, who was fascinated by the beauty of Arice, decided to go into her room. As she saw the intruder in her room, Arice began to scream and the Venetian knight stabbed her. Ebengardo rushed to help his Arice but arrived too late and blinded by rage got the dagger and killed Elalberto. Since then, in the stormy nights you can feel the presence of Ebengardo wandering in the castle in search of his beloved.


Shrouded in mystery and history this magical place leaves its mark and we do not miss anything, not even the trip on the taxi boat seeking for new emotions, where we could admire the history that this place keeps within the walls of its castle and in the beautiful landscape.

The taxi boat costs 10 euro adult and € 5 children, it leaves every 15 minutes from the small harbor bringing you to make a wonderful boat ride around the peninsula of Sirmione. Must try!

The story continues…



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