Sirmione, the discovery continues …

Let’s continue our journey to discover Sirmione
The first place local people recommend to visit, after Sirmione Castle, is the villa where the great lyrical singer, Maria Callas, used to live with her husband Giovanni Battista Meneghini. The Greek celebrity had here her rest between 1950 and 1959, enjoying the of Lake Garda views. Now the villa has been transformed into a condominium, but many here remember here, and some say they can still feel her presence wander around the gardens. Mystery!



Sirmione never stops to amaze us. Here people are proud of thermal water and many people come here and try to heal or perform treatments.
Kind guys accompany us to see where, at a depth of 20 meters under the lake, is placed the tube collecting the beneficial water, then carrying it to the purifier to be selected and shunted. We notice hot water bubbles up to 70º rising to the lake top. A natural spectacle that we have been able to capture.
The water coming from Terme di Sirmione is healthy thanks to the absorption of sulfur through the skin and aids tropism of articular cartilage other than mucous membranes of the respiratory tract get benefit from it. It stimulates the nervous system leading to a reduction in systemic blood pressure.
Finally, it is very important the analgesic effect of warmth together with its muscle relaxant effect.




Continuing on the southern coast of the lake, we run into the famous and impressive Grotte di Catullo.
It is a Roman villa built more than 2000 years ago and testifies the presence of the Romans at that time. The archaeological area of ​​about 2 hectares is located on the tip of the Sirmione peninsula and dominates the entire basin of Lake Garda. Inside you can find the Archaeological Museum which displays finds from this city and from neighboring countries.



Tuesday – Saturday: 8.30 am – 5 pm (archeologic area)

8.30 am -7.30 pm (Museum)

Holidays Days: 8.30 am – 2 pm


Tuesday – Saturday:  8.30 am – 7.30 pm

Holidays Days: 9.30 am – 6.30 pm

6,00: adults

€ 3,00: children and for UE citizens from 18 till 25 years old







We end our tour on the boat taxi with a visit to the Castle and we remain astonished by how much history you can find in this town. Children are fascinated by both the stories and legends, and the view of the lake.
We take the last shots of the village, the Castle and we look at the show that this place offers tourists who flock to the alleys to discover its beauty, as well as most of us use to do. Many choose to stay here both for treatments and for relaxation coming from the enchanting scenery of the lake. Restaurants and bars, good ice cream, all surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of Sirmione.
Here we conclude our journey wishing you too may one day visit Sirmione, good trip to all!

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