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Fashion and style are very important to me, despite my passion for traveling and writing, I always try to keep myself informed about the latest fashion trends. How? I am very glad to follow the walkways, read articles and posts from some of my blogger colleagues, but above all, I love to admire the various shop windows. You can’t judge a book by its cover, they say, but still, our personal style is a business card of how we are inside.


During some of my trips, I have joined my two passions, discovering new places and shopping, so when I go home, besides the pictures I’ve taken, I also have material memories to show. My friends often tell me: “What a beautiful bag!” or “Such a nice pair of shoes!” “Where did you buy them?”. Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Milan, Switzerland, Australia, French Polynesia, Maldives, wherever I have been, I have always bought a souvenir to take home.

I always buy a small thing to remember that specific memory. Many people get crazy for magnets, I do get crazy for sarongs or a nice, colorful scarf, like when I’ve been to Maldives or Polynesia, where at the local markets, I had so much fun while choosing the most extravagant ones.

If I have to think of 3 cities where I bought accessories or clothes of famous and important brands, I would definitely tell you Dubai, London and Hong Kong and for these 3 locations, let me give you some good tips.

Dubai, an ostentatious “candy shop”. I have already written an article about what to do and what to see in Dubai (Where dream come true), with its many shopping malls that became actual cities, which beside shops, they also offer restaurants, bars, hotels, children’s playgrounds, ski slopes, ice skating, aquarium and more. My favorite shopping center is the Dubai Mall near the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa.

There are shops of every kind, from the luxurious Chanel, Chloé, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton (just to name a few of them), to the fashionable prêt-à-porter like Guess, Etro, La Martina, Mango and other 1,200 business activities where you can indulge yourself. I couldn’t lose the opportunity to buy a purse of my favorite brand: Louis Vuitton.


London is the city I prefer to visit every year during Christmas time. I cannot miss the usual yearly weekend I spend to discover places, museums, attractions and shopping accompanied by lights, colors, Christmas songs and dotted shops. (London with children)

Let’s talk about Oxford Street, the famous shopping street, where both British and tourists, every day, go across this long road where shops, malls, bars and restaurants alternate to provide what you need.

But don’t forget Harrods, in Brompton Road, which looks like a posh bonbonnière during Christmas time, with fairytale lights and bright colors. Since Christmas comes once a year, I occasionally like to indulge in a little luxury, since I deserved it, I bought myself a nice pair of Jimmy Choo. Every woman should have a pair of Jimmy Choo!

The last destination I would recommend for shopping is Hong Kong. Landmark is the luxury street name, featuring high-fashioned and prêt-à-porter shops, which shine with special windows and lights, which create an unique atmosphere. It is close to Causeway Bay where tradition and modernity combine to create what this city is.

A street with so many people, which I have never see before visiting Hong Kong (maybe in New York). I got another little luxury from Gucci shop, a bag to add to my collection, refined and elegant, as it is in the style of this brand.

Here was the list of my favorite places for shopping, but sometimes you don’t have to go too far for shopping. If I need to make gifts or buy something when I’m in a rush, online shopping is the right alternative for those who, like me sometimes, don’t have the possibility or time to go out and look for something. A website I just discovered, but I already like it a lot, because of its very simple research tool, is Obsessory. Strongly structured, divided into research pages for men, women, accessories, sales and even a blog area.


It is a useful platform to search for both high couture clothes and prêt-à-porter clothing; you just need to set up research filters with prices, colors, brands ... It is basically a smart personal shopper affiliate, since it redirects your filters to the best websites where you can buy from.

I bought shoes, accessories, make up products, belts, dresses and bags: tried and approved.

I wish you a good shopping experience!


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