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Shopping in Hong Kong: Causeway Bay.


How many things can we tell about the distant China and Hong Kong. Today we will talk about a place that fascinated us in Hong Kong. Our curiosity is up to Causeway Bay.

Causeway Bay (Chinese: 銅鑼灣) is a densely populated area of Hong Kong, and also one of the most expensive on the rents of houses and shops. The district includes the area of the Causeway, Victoria Park Market, Tsing Fung Street, the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, the Jardine Noonday Gun and Hong Kong Central Library.

This whole area is a major destination for shopping in Hong Kong. You can find stalls of all kinds and for all sorts until you get to shopping centers and popular boutique shops and fashionable with prestigious brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and so on. in a succession of streets which alternate from luxury to degradation.

We like the idea of the market and we enter. A massive presence of people walking down the stands to the right of purchase research, negotiating and asking for explanations about the products. Perfumes and odors that are mixed with each other, from that of the strong fish to the more sweet fruit. Some of the products we see draw our attention more than others, because unknown to us and almost unrecognizable, and more and more curious than ever we get to better understand what it is. It is not easy to communicate with sellers, many do not speak English but still we like to somehow approach a speech even just to say hello or ask for a souvenir photo of their stall.

Everything around us is really surreal if you think our hawkers market, displaying the goods in an orderly manner. Here we find exposed flesh hung on hooks while we are accustomed to seeing in showcases, shown on a compound basis. Confusion but wisely, colors that attract attention and people, so many people who fill the clogged roads of cars sounding car horns and pass careless of us who stop to admire every detail we do not let anything escape. The signs and neon in many colors, each different advertising a shop, a brand or written in incomprehensible Chinese but absolutely fascinating especially when the evening comes and the streets light up in many different lights and shades.

Even Hong Kong we like for this, so picturesque, to meet different people bustling to everyday life. We are the intruders, but nobody seems to notice, and we move undisturbed looking for something different to buy. This is surely one of the places that should visit, at least for also satiate your curiosity and do some shopping differently from usual.

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