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Selmun Palace, Malta


One of the things that has always fascinated me to Malta, but for time reasons I could never go and visit is the Selmun Palace in Mellieha. The palace stands impressively and one can admire it from different points of the island north sites. I took advantage of my last days in Malta to repay my curiosity to see him.

Today what we see is a majestic building dating from the eighteenth century, commissioned by the Knights of Malta, mostly as a meeting place for hunting and recreation. From outside of course is a little bit completely abandoned and in fact the Palace and the adjacent hotel, built by the airline Air Malta, have been closed for renovations in January 2011, but as yet nothing has been reorganized and arranged.

It’s really a shame, because everything around there is so much space and nature, the scenery is spectacular. It could derive much tourism because summer in Mellieha is a favorite because it is the closest town to the beaches and to the ferry for both Gozo and Comino. (To stay here we recommend: Casa Vacanze Mellieha).

The feeling is indescribable, it seems one of those castles that you see in the movies, just missing an antique car with a driver and the concierge who greets you with a good morning.

Outside a sign says, do not enter for filming. Here we go again, again we happen at the right time, so even if we wanted to take a peek inside we would be stopped instantly. They’re filming a Danish reality show, so everything is off limits, and as we have previously reported, this island is very popular for making films and shows

All around there is a beautiful hiking trail and the view is really exciting. On the way there are also remains of buildings probably used to venerate some saint, because the Maltese are known to be very Christians and Catholics, and in addition to having the wonderful churches, celebrate and adore Santa Maria with several village festivals.

A small church appears before the Selmun Palace and is very characteristic, a green door contrasting beige tuff used as a standard material for building. Just behind a beautiful view.


Somehow we have paid off our curiosity and we are not even made us miss this wonderful experience that we will always be with us, wherever we find ourselves…


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