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Sardinia, on the road.


We all know the Sardinia as a place that fascinates for its beaches and coves, where the crystal clear sea attracts many tourists every summer.

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Last year I had the pleasure of doing a road along with some local friends who have not only welcomed me, but they managed to enchant me leading me to discover this island enclosing a sometimes wild beauty but absolutely magnificent and unforgettable.

I left from Genoa to embark on the ferry that brought me to Olbia, where my friends were waiting for me. To book the ferry I found very useful the site where I bought the ticket that allowed me to reach Sardinia. Practical site because it seeks the best solution probing several shipping companies.


Once arrived I started exploring the island and I discovered many wonders that sometimes the words you can not describe. First stop in Orosei town of about 7000 inhabitants, here is an enchanting sea, an area of about 20 km of coastline and a number of attractions that have distracted me (though not entirely) from the beautiful beaches. The old town boasts countless well-preserved palaces, churches and monuments. If you pass here do not miss the ancient tombs Domus de Janas and the remains that testify to the passage of the Romans.


As I reached, along with my good company, the area west of the island, passing through Oristano, I came across by chance in the Church of San Giovanni di Sinis located in the village of Cabras. The church, one of the oldest of Sardinia (sixth century) is dedicated to San Giovanni Battista and is constructed of sandstone blocks. It seems so ancient that it is hard to believe is still there to witness the various Byzantine and Roman invasions that have, in their own way and time, changed the architecture of the small and picturesque church.


We continue to Cabras to visit an open air museum, the archaeological site of Tharros. Here you can see the foundations of temples, Roman baths and also a place of work of ancient craftsmen. Fascinating for its historical record and for the spectacular views of the Gulf of Oristano.

It always comes down to the south, with the July heat that is felt, with barren stretches of land that sunburned contrast at times with the blue sea. We try to follow the coastal roads and sometimes we stop for a refreshing swim in a sea that never stop to slide on the skin.


We continue through the history and we move into the city of Cagliari, where going into the Santa Croce road we come across one of the two highest towers of the city: The Elephant tower next to the church of St. Joseph. We climb on top to enjoy the view over the city and we are facing the view over Cagliari Cathedral.

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But time flies, especially when you are in good company in a fantastic country. I just have to go back the island from the east to reach my last leg designated: the Red Rocks beach in the Gulf of Arbatax.

Red Granite rocks sticking out of the water, giving it a unique and spectacular scenery that nature has given to this place. Just wonderful.

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During all on the road, I have been joined by local people who in addition to being seen places of absolute beauty have taken steps to welcome me and make me feel like a family. I thank my old friends and those I met during this visit. And there’s more, I’d like to come back to this island dream and discover other new places, because there is much to see, you just need to know how to open their eyes to the curiosity.

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