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One day as a Lion … Safari in Africa!


Who has ever dreamed at least once, to closely explore the world of wild animals. Yes, there are zoos, all over the world, but we think seeing different species in their real habitat is something quite different and sensational.

Do you know a better way to enjoy everything than a Safari in Africa? Country of untouched nature where you can actually look at the life of wild lions, elephants, monkeys and so on.




An African safari is an adventure that many travelers are looking for or dream, wondering how these animals that scare but fascinate at the same time live.

If you want to explore, but you do not have a big budget you can opt for self-drive then hiring a car and have a tour on your own, whether or not accompanied by an experienced guide who you will look for on-site, as well as organizing your own trip, although planning all the routes before leaving. But it’s better not to do it, if possible, on your first experience.

Otherwise, if you are not experienced and prepared, our advice is always to organize everything with field experts, get into a travel agency and ask for a complete package, all inclusive.

Another option is to visit more popular parks such as the Kruger National Park, magnificent place even if, in some areas, very crowded. Here you will find many animals and you can stay in cozy cottage, in a more spartan camps, hotels, hostels or resorts that are located in the city of Nelspruit (South Africa).

Another park is to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi in Zululand, where there are still tribe of Zulu. Here you can camp in the bush, do trips of some days and end your Safari swimming into the blue sea and enjoy the beaches of the Elephant Coast.



But if you’re looking for a luxury safari there are also private nature reserves. Obviously the price goes up but you will get the comfort of luxurious lodge, some with facilities at 5 stars otehr than frequented by celebrities around the world. But there are also cozy lodge packages not too pompous, however, to live in close contact with nature without sacrificing the comfort of a bed.

The advantage is that these packages, although a bit more expensive, reserve a private guide service, which will lead you to the safari, taking you into areas really visited by other explorers, where you can admire the fauna living in peace, sitting comfortably on a jeep accommodating up to 6 people.


From private properties, at night you can see animals pass you next while looking at them behind the window, sipping a good glass of wine.

Now, remember that there are both good and bad periods to make a safari, taking into account the weather and the possibility or not to see more species of animals at the same time. The best period is June to September, the African winter months, good for seeing wildlife in search of water and food.

Whatever your choice, luxury or not, remember to rely on the experience of local guides, which not only will lead you in the right places but they will be excellent cicerone, explaining better how the wild life in the African bush.

Valigia 1What absolutely pack? Gloves, hats and thermal clothing, as safaris start at dawn when the temperature is very low, and then taking off clothes as the temperature rises. Binoculars, camera and a backpack to put everything you need. Do not forget courage and curiosity, to live for a few days in real contact with lions, cheetahs, zebras, etc. till you’ll feel one of them.

The landscape all around will be something you will never forget, colors and scents that will come in to stay in your best memories.

A good Safari to all!

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