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Marsaxlokk, Malta, the colors of the boats, the smell of the sea.


There is a place, in the south-east of the island of Malta, where the colours of the boats are mixed with the deep blue sea, where time seems to have stopped when the fishermen were returning from their fishing trips loaded with fish, this is Marsaxlokk.

The name Marsaxlokk comes from the word “Marsa” meaning harbor and the word “Xlokk” which means south of Malta.


Small village, about 3200 inhabitants, which is still tied both to traditions and the simple life that many of its inhabitants continue to lead. Fishing is still one of the main activities of this island which takes place mostly here, in Marsaxlokk, where the fishermen arrive on their colorful boats, built by craftsmen, called Luzzus in the local language.

Fishermen stop on the pier, dock their boats, somebody launches their networks, others follow specified criteria and prepare for the next outing. Some of them unload the fish caught during the night. We get closer to enjoy these scenes, their daily life, for us unusual; simplicity they have in making these operations impresses us a lot.






We chose a Sunday to visit this place because it’s in this festive day that the market takes place, where from dawn till about 2 pm goods of all kinds are exhibited. There are fish stalls and those sellng fruits and vegetables, crafts, clothing and shoes. Simple things, as simple as street vendors are.






So many people wander from stand to stand, some locals but also many tourists attracted by local products, including textiles hand-sewn or crocheted. An explosion of colours and perfumes, among shouting children who run and play and the louding street sellers.



All this happens on the seafront, with its colourful boats that are a spectacular sight. We buy some fish and we put it in our fridge bag as we are not going to come back right away; it would be a shame not to enjoy more this beautiful sunny day!




Then we decide to stop at one of the seaside restaurants, there are many, from traditional Maltese cuisine to the more international, but the fish on the menu never lacks and the prices are consistently good.


We enjoy one last walk alongside the sea on one side and the traditional houses on the other, some of them with coloured doors and windows, different from the classic beige/amber color of the Maltese houses.

This is one of the recommended stops for those who decide to visit the Island of Malta.

Happy travels to all!

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  • Tricia A. Mitchell
    dicembre 15, 2016

    Living in Malta for one year, we were lucky to make a few trips to Marsaxlokk. One of our fondest memories was of foraging for wild asparagus in the countryside of the Delimara Peninsula, then buying fish at the market and cooking up a special dinner at our apartment in Valletta. Did you ever get to meet Titti, the famous diving dog, who swims at St. Peter’s Pool near Marsaxlokk?

    • Marika
      dicembre 15, 2016

      St. Peter’s Pool is spectacular and many know this place for the cute dog that dives with his friend. I was there but having two small daughters I preferred the sandy beaches because the safest for them. 😉

      • Tricia A. Mitchell
        dicembre 15, 2016

        I can appreciate your concern about the instability of the coastal areas. It’s funny that we went to St. Peter’s Pool not to swim, but just to meet Titti and his owner, Carmelo. 🙂 What great ambassadors to Malta they are!

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