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Let’s discover Bavaria with the lovely Füssen.


A few days ago we launched on our Facebook pages “We Need You” post because, as we are curious as monkeys are, we wanted to receive and share your stories about journeys that have left a mark in your lives. And here came the email from our friend Mara from Novara, which has given us her experience in a magnificent place, so beautiful that we loved it.

Every year, in the middle of August, together with her family (husband and daughter), travel to Füssen, in Germany, to relax and enjoy a magical and enchanted place, between its expanses of green fields, mountains and the town with its typical Bavarian houses, and the emerald lakes.



Sometimes on the banks of Hopfensee you can also attend a concert of traditional music of the alphorn players.

In the town, away from the traffic noise and crossed by a unique atmosphere, Mara told us about these typical shops, including those selling souvenirs, walks in picturesque streets where you get the impression that time has stopped with typical traditions and Bavarian customs and to enjoy and cool off while sipping a pint of local beer in the Biergärten (beer gardens).


Just outside the town of Füssen, in the countryside you can visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, last residence of Bavarian King Ludwig II.
It seems like came out from a fairy tale that delighted us when we were children, and was built between 1869 and 1886, under the request of Ludwig II to relax in a quiet place away from everything and everyone. After his death in 1886 it was opened to the public eager to visit this magic place. For its beauty, it has inspired Walt Disney in the realization of the castles of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.
You will totally feel fascinated by the majesty and beauty of this castle, situated on a hill where the presence of the lake, makes it looks like a beautiful painting. You can reach it by walking, with a lovely nature trail, otherwise let yourself be trapped by the atmosphere of kings, princes and princesses and be accompanied by a coach.




Next to the castle Neuschwanstein there is Hohenschwangau castle, which at first was born as a medieval fortress, but in 1829 the father of Ludwig II, King Maximilian II, took it over almost decadent and made it the summer home of the family. Restored and converted into a palace overlooking the lake Alpsee even this is astonishing and amazed by its decorations and its unique style.


To give a touch of sparkle to the holiday, however, already accompanied by a charming setting, you can take the cableway to reach the village of Tegelberg and after having a look at the immense view, you can also take a leisurely glide on the track where the summer bob entertainment for adults and children is assured.

The bicycle can be used anywhere thanks to some bicycle routes around the lakes, or take the “Romantic Strasse“, the Romantic Road, which runs from Wurzburg to Füssen, where it will be a succession of different scenarios, including forests, rivers, endless meadows and majestic mountains all in 440 kilometers of perfect harmony and symbiosis with the landscape.

Many more sports to be practiced including mountaineering, paragliding, water sports in the many lakes and excursions to discover the history and the Bavarian culture that fascinates all ages, so that Mara recommend this place as an ideal getaway for families especially with children, because in her opinion there are no charming and relaxing places like this. Horse riding is one of those things that her child has learnt here, so much so that she is in love to the point that upon returning home she wanted to practice this sport, thanks to their holidays spent here, where you can stay in close contact with animals such as horses, cows, rabbits and goats.

We have asked Mara “If you close your eyes, what is the color you see, when you think about Füssen?”. Her answer of course was green, because it is everywhere, as everywhere you breathe the smell of freshly cut grass, clean, fresh air and a good flavor of their products such as fruits and vegetables freshly picked. A riot of color and charm that this corner of Bavaria gives all that visit it.


There are several hotels and accommodation ranging from medium to high prices, to the cheap ones. Hotel Sonne, Hotel Hirsch and Hotel Sommer (this last one with the SPA) are among those with more stars and more expensive but with a very good treatment. The Hotel Fantasia, very nice, quaint and economical, otherwise you can opt for renting apartments (she recommends Allgäu Moni) from traditional wooden buildings and balconies surrounded by colored holes.

And you? Have you ever been there?

If you have some travel stories, or trip experiences to share with us, we will be more than happy to publish them, because your opinions, points of view and advice can be helpful to us and all travelers.

A special thanks to Mara and her family, because somehow we have travelled as well, with the wonderful story of this unique experience.

Can you look about Füssen here.

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