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Jamaica, are you ready?


Coming back telling of Jamaica today, an island of the Greater Antilles where Columbus landed in 1494, describing it as the most beautiful isle that human eyes had ever seen. Jamaica has a tropical climate and the best period to visit it is between December and May.

Jamaica is a magical place, where the colours of the sea blend with the colours of the nature surrounding the island. People are friendly, smiling and cheerful, working and moving slowly so, as they use to say, “ they can live longer”, far away from the hectic life.
Then, if you happen to order a drink at a bar or inside your hotel and after 30 minutes the drink hasn’t arrived yet, all your complains will get the same answer “NO PROBLEM”. If you decide to come here, leave the hustle and bustle at home and just get their style so easy.

We suggest you to visit Jamaica all thoughout and to join excursions; the cascades, which are Jamaica’s highlights, cannot be missed! Be sure to visit also Bob Marley’s house, where you can find a realistic museum of the genius of reggae. You’ll go through his history told from quite bizarre characters who will involve you with their joy.

What did we leave on the island? Definitively the brilliant sea, the white beaches and the tropical nature joining the continuous rhythm of reggae.


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