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Is London a safe city?


Today you are wondering London is a dangerous city?


If we ask this question to people who live here each one from a judgment according to their personal experience. According to British judiciary, London isn’t a dangerous city. Like other European cities there are more quiet quarters and others less.

The most dangerous district in the capital is Westminster, the center of the city, with Oxford Street leading the London streets ranking where the highest number of thefts occur.



A recent ranking places London at 10th place of the most criminal cities in Europe with high thefts, shams, and so on. And in the first place we have Barcelona and the second Roma. Unfortunately, the events that are happening in this latter period increase the concern of people who live or who intend to visit London, who feel themselves in the pursuit of a petty war, without soldiers or heroes.

I visited London in November, alone with my little girls and I never felt in danger and found the police and security always present in every place I went. Of course, I do not feel like giving the board any match or not, each of us must be responsible for our own life.

Surely I will return to London, because I do not want to rule it out as a goal, it would not be fair and I would seem to win it to those who want to frighten me and make sure I’m afraid to go home too. I hope all of you that this nightmare is over, with the awareness that united in peace and in love is able to fight evil.



Freedom to travel, freedom of speech, freedom to live life, respecting in every case everything and everyone, never lost in a sea of ​​idiocy.

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