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Gozo The Journey Continues…


Where were we? Ah yes, Victoria or Rabat, with its narrow alleys and its breathtaking views (Gozo Part 1). But we continue our tour, so that we show what we have seen and admired in this small Island but rich in history and beauty.

Gozo otrGozo otr1Gozo otr2

The next stop was at Azure Window on the west coast of the island. Going down a road with a spectacular view, we quickly realized that waiting for us there would be a wonder and so it was. Full of Asian tourists taking photographs of every single rock, fantastic! We parked the car we first headed in the right side, where there is a small beach in front of an arch of natural rock. You can also rent equipment and perform underwater and for fans to be a unique experience.

Cocco in Azure Window.jpg


We stop to admire this natural beauty, where the only noise you hear is that of the waves. In this period there uncrowded really that peace and silence that make you stop and lose yourself in your thoughts to every movement of the water they go along with the waves.

Azure window 2.png
Guardando il panorama.png
Azure Window 3.png
We move to the other side where we find the Azure Window (in Maltese: Tieqa Zerqa), the window to the sea. It is made up of Maltese limestone known as Globigerina and is the second oldest rock found on the island. Subject to erosion, it is disintegrating due to large pieces of rock that have started falling from the underside of the arch and in a few years will disappear completely, leaving only memories and photos that we can take.

(Unfortunately, on 8 March 2017, the Azure Window has collapsed because of bad weather)

Azure Window4 .png
Cocco in Azure Window.png
Me & Cocco.png

All around us we see this big rock and the precipice we stop to look at the sea, feel the immensity and beauty of this landscape can only leave us speechless and immortalize all to not forget one second of this fantastic experience.

Panorama 1.png

Panorama 2.png


So we leave this wonderful place, made of sea and rock, history and stories of change in evolution. And we understand how nature gives us so nature takes away.

We share with our car to bring us to another place, another beach, another story. Next stop “Ramla il-Hamra”, the Red Sandy Beach, In-town Naduro. Ramla is an expanse of red sand that in contrast to the blue of the sea is a spectacle of color.

Ramla Bay Cocco.png

Ramla Bay Beach.png

Ramla Bay Beach Cocco.png

In summer the beach is crowded with tourists who come here to relax in the sun, swimming and even snorkeling. There are sand dunes protected and prohibiting access. Hence the legend, Roman remains lie beneath the sand and we like to tell it so our little explorers, to give that touch of fairy tale scenario.

Ramla Bay Beach 1.png

Ramla Bay Beach 2.png


That concludes our journey, one day is not enough to visit all despite the island is small, because we wanted to stop and ask for the history that surrounds these places and these picture-postcard scenery. We will return to Gozo Island to see other places that the island can offer to those who thirst for knowledge and desire to travel.


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