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Gozo, extraordinary beauty.


On a beautiful sunny day, we decided to take a trip to Gozo, which is part along with Comino islands of Malta. Wake up early to go to the port of Cirkewwa to catch the ferry, where we boarded the car so that we had more freedom to visit the island.

View of the beautiful day and the sun warming despite being February we took the opportunity to stand out on the deck and take pictures and videos even the island of Comino. What a wonderful feeling the sea breeze on your face, the smell of the sea and the sound of the water crashing on the ferry and Cocco loved it.

15 minutes and we were in Gozo, Mgarr harbor. We left for our tour, without maps, guides and indications, however, knowing that the island is small and is easy to navigate. So we decided to visit first thing in the capital Rabat also called Victoria, because with a future archaeologist with us we could not please her to see even the archeology museum in the Citadel.

On the road we had to photograph anything that struck our attention, to avoid losing any images, memories are sometimes immortalized because, unfortunately, the human mind tends to forget the moments elusive.

You notice right away that Gozo, unlike Malta is an island with much wilder and more vegetation, green and flowery fields that alternate with the rock are a fascinating sight.

We climb up to get to Rabat, also known as Victoria. This country dominates the whole island, used as a shelter against the invaders since the time of the Middle Ages. Here in Victoria you will find shops and markets, making the country more alive and active than others, but even so still quiet.

Here we park our car to walk up to visit the Ancient Citadel, built on a strategic point, which dominates the city. We enter and are immediately in front of us the Cathedral was once the Temple of the Goddess Juno. Until 1637 the population of Gozo was required, by law, to sleep inside the Citadel to preserve their safety from attack.

We turn around the cathedral to admire Gozo from above in all its beauty, hills, valleys, villages, churches and the sea, we get lost to admire this spectacle from.

Also nearby are several fascinating museums: The Cathedral Museum, Museum of Archaeology, the Folklore Museum, the Museum of Nature in Gozo, the Old Prison, the Old Depot Gunpowder, grain silos, the battery salutes and the Refuge of World War II.

We entered inside the archeology museum opened in 1960, paying € 3 each for adults and € 1.50 for children. The museum is housed in a seventeenth-century building known as Casa Bondi, by the family that originally had in possession, and has a finely carved stone balcony above the main door.

The sculptures of human figures from the prehistoric complex of Ggantija Temple at close of ix-Xagħra Circle burial site are the highlights of the collection. Created prior to the construction of the famous standing stones at Stonehenge, these figures give an idea of the real life of the first inhabitants of Gozo and their remarkable ability to work the stone.

We love to take pictures, including even the smallest remains of ancient vases and jewelry have fun and learn at the same time a part of history. Cocco we capture and we just have to check that combine trouble but they enjoy learning new things.

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