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Give color to the beaches.


This article we thought and we dedicate to all those who have stopped to look just beige beaches and unfortunately do not know the existence of fantastic beaches, around the world, which have as peculiarity of different colors from the usual, to be left stunned.

In truth there are so many but we have compiled a small list to just name a few that have impressed us more than others. Prepared sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towel and flip flops and enjoy the show.

  • The golden beach of Ramla il- Hamra. We start talking about the beach we visited recently. It is located in Gozo, one of the small islands of Malta. Its feature is the copper color that stands out in contrast with the blue sea. In summer it is crowded with tourists seeking to enjoy this marvel composed of volcanic deposits that blend with calcareous sediments giving this particular hue.


  • The Kaihalulu Beach, is transformed into a Dante’s place as being in a “hellish” beach but do not be fooled. It is located on the island of Maui, the Hawaiian and really makes impression because the red color of the sand that contrasts with the black color of the rocks makes an impressive sight as if instead of flowing sea of blood. Described in this way may seem scary, and instead this play of colors is simply one of the many wonders that nature gives us.

Spiaggia di Kaihalulu

  • The Punalu’u Beach in Hawaii, also called black sands, because the mantle of volcanic lava spilled from volcanoes in ancient times, has in fact given the dark color and gloss. Described in this way, one can only imagine a place dismal and ugly and rather just the opposite, because the blue ocean means that it is lovely and is so populated by many other species of turtles.

Spiaggia di Punalu'u

  • The Budelli Beach in Sardinia, there returns to clear and soft colors, especially pink here also stands out thanks to the warmth of the sun’s rays that offer this landscape an unusual color. Not to mention the crystal clear waters together with the high presence of bioclastic endow this nuance, making the area so valuable as to be a protected area and can only be visited in the company of guides.

Spiaggia di Budelli

  • The Pink Sand Beach located on the island of Harbour, Bahamas archipelago characterized by fine sand pink composed of fragments of coral, shells, rocks and calcium carbonate and populated by microscopic foraminifera from pink shell.

Spiaggia di Pink Sand

  • The Hyams Beach in Australia, on the other hand is ranked as the whitest beach in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. Its soft sand and clear it is almost impossible if you do not admire her wearing sunglasses. A fantastic beach for swimming and diving and at certain times of the year you can spot whales.

Spiaggia d hyams beach

  • The Papakolea Beach located in Ka’u district of the Big Island, the main island of Hawaii, is known as the Mahana (green sand). Thanks to the presence of olivine, a mineral containing iron and magnesium that comes from dormant volcano Pu’u Mahana which is located opposite the beach, unable to have this very naturalistic. To visit you must pay $ 25 but for many it is worth it, because it really is a sight so rare to see him. The beach is a nature reserve so it is not served by services and bars.

Spiaggia di papakolea

  • The Pfiffer Beach located in Big Sur in California is also called Rainbow Beach. Full of minerals that thanks to these, plus the complicity of the sun, the sand takes a variety of different color shades, which especially at sunset, shows this fantastic game of reflexes. Very impressive and charming, romantic par excellence and those its nuances that characterize it.

Spiaggia di PFEIFFER

What do you think? You have visited one of these beaches or have in mind a particular beach that we have not listed in this ranking?


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