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The new uniforms of the flight attendants of Alitalia airline have raised several agreement and disagreement. Some people liked the red uniform with green stockings (in my opinion bad style), those who have denigrated in any way this choice of designer Ettore Bilotta.

But over the years the flight attendants, each airline, had to wear uniforms in some strange ways, and dictated by the fashion of the moment. Since 1930, when came the first hostess of women, which have adapted to step into the shoes of the Red Cross, a nurse style to reassure and build confidence to passengers.

At the San Francisco International Airport are exposed several models of uniforms, from 1930 to today, to visit at the SFO Museum, Fashion in Flight and today we will introduce some of the most curious.


The uniform wool dark green and an austere mantle of United Airlines, which was the first airline to have flight attendants female, reflects the elegant and authoritarian style of those times.

A United Airlines reproduction of a woolen uniform worn from 1930 to 1932.


This is the year where the United Airlines along with the collaboration of designers Zay Smith changes his uniform combined with the color of the airline with white dresses, and jackets in blue wool, less demanding but still similar to hospital staff.

This look was created for United Airlines by in-house designer Zay Smith.


Military style, since the era spanning the Second World War. With lack of fabrics and materials, everything becomes more streamlined and limited and the initials of Trans World Airlines are positioned on the right shoulder to dampen the gray tone of the uniform.

This look by Hollywood fashion designer Howard Greer featured TWA lettering on the shoulder.


To celebrate the time when the aviation becomes more accessible and used by many more people the designer Don Loper creates a cut more determined and recalling the female form. With visible stitching, classic and elegant, he highlights the new era in which style takes the field.

This piece by Hollywood designer Don Loper celebrates the Jet Age with sharp, angular features.


Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci, under the direction of Braniff International Airways takes full the must- 60s with bright colors, psychedelic, totally changing the sober style adopted as of now. Quirky and original revolutionized the era hostess.

Emilio Pucci captures the '60s in full swing.


One of the last masterpieces of the designer Cristobal Balenciaga before closing his fashion house. He created this winter uniform for Air France wanting to eliminate all the “hospital” style but creating in our opinion a sort of police uniform.

This winter suit for Air France was one of Cristobal Balenciaga's last works before closing his fashion house.


The uniform of Japan Airlines introduces both the national symbols as the cranes on the hat, red belt and scarf, but the skirt is the real revolution.

This Japan Airlines uniform incorporates two national symbols: a crane and the rising sun.


Yves Saint Laurent has designed this colorful dress with so many kangaroos for Qantas Airways, following suit the fashion of those years with shoulder pads and big highlight.

Yves Saint Laurent designed this jacket and dress combo with kangaroo print.


The Eastern Airline opens the era with a uniform style by the waitress, still elegant and refined with a retro touch of the hat.

This nostalgic look includes slacks, a midi-skirt, a matching blazer and a hat.


Christian Lacroix for Air France creates a convenient and simple dress but at the same time refined for the cut with pleated inserts at the center and in the pocket with the red belt that closes with a flourish in contrast to the dark blue.

Christian Lacroix designed this robe-manteau dress with a Japanese-style tie belt.


Vivienne Westwood created for Virgin Atlantic staff a red uniform as the color adopted by the company. Angular cuts for the jacket and blouse with high neck and asymmetrical frills.

Vivienne Westwood brought her aesthetic to Virgin Atlantic with this tailored suit.

Extravagant or not, the fashion in flight taken by Hostess turns out to be a label, a presentation of the airline, both in style and in the image of the same. We have presented this curiosity assured that from now on, when you fly, you turn a look at the most to the uniform of the crew.

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