Favignana: a holiday for the whole family.


Are you looking for a holiday of relaxation and a clean and pristine sea, that leaves you speechless? Do you want to enjoy the wonders of an ancient city and discover its history? Then the right destination for you is the island of Favignana.


Located in Sicily, this island is part of the Aegadian archipelago and legend tells its name, given by the Romans in the Middle Ages, derives from the Latin Favonius, the hot wind from the west.

In the 70’s, the artist Salvatore Fiume called it “the largest butterfly in the sea” because of its characteristic shape. The fact is that whatever it is called, you will not be disappointed because here you will find crystal clear sea with white sandy beaches as good as Caribbean.




The village is surrounded by white traditional houses with green or blue windows that make the landscape even more picturesque. There are two main squares where clubs and restaurants offer typical Sicilian cuisine, such as plates of tuna, the delicious homemade ice cream or fresh granite to enjoy all accompanied by a nice walk along the harbour.


Traces left by the different peoples and cultures that have passed on this island, are evident either in the structure and architecture. Here you will discover the St. Catherine’s Castle and St. James Norman era, the archaeological site of San Nicola where you will also see the “ladies’ room” or nymphaeum carved into the rock, dating back to greek-roman between II and III century d.C..

Visit the former Plant Florio, which once was the center of the economy and work, mainly based on fishing and processing of tuna, while today it’s been refurbished inside and houses a museum of ancient relics and relics of various ages.

Much more to visit and explore in peace, leaving the bustle at home and making you carry the peace that this island transmits.





There are numerous beaches and coves to see, we recommend renting a car or scooter if you want to visit them all, because each of them deserves proper attention to devote to these spectacular landscapes. Cala Azzurra, Lido Burrone, the Calamoni are fine sandy beaches. The famous Cala Rossa offering both rocks and fine sand, where you can snorkel or dive to explore the beautiful backdrops.





The rocky areas are located in Grotta Perciata, Punta Fanfalo or Scalo Cavallo from where it is also possible to dive straight into the blue sea of the Egadi. Excursions by boat, some organized with the local fishermen, to reach and admire the coast and around the caves like the one of Sighs, which offers a spectacular and unforgettable scene.


The colours of this glimpse of Italian sea are dreamy, which still transmits to all tourists a beautiful and romantic view, skirting all around the island and giving breathtaking sunsets from the Arabian fairy tale.

Ready to go? Enjoy your trip!

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