Shenzhen, what to see? From a fishermen village to a great metropolis!


We continue our trip to Shenzhen, this great metropolis where everywhere we go we realize what their culture is different from ours.

We’ve been trying to really enjoy everything like their food, and it’s far different from the one you can eat at Chinese restaurants in your country. Local friends adviced us about restaurant to join, because so many seemed too spartan and in the kitchens at the back you could see fruits and vegetables on the floor.

So we opted for restaurants where we were aesthetically inspired and we tasted many plates we liked, such as vegetables, soups, sauces, meat, peanuts and so much more, all accompanied by their Tsingtao beer.

Most restaurants have the menu only in Chinese and often the staff do not speak English, be sure there is someone who can understand what you want to order, or it will be difficult to eat.







To find entertainment, fun and live music, to eat and also find Western and European restaurants the advice is to go to the Sea World, one of the most famous shopping malls. In the middle is placed The Cruise Inn Hotel which also houses restaurants and bars.





Shenzhen 23


The fountains, positioned behind the Hotel to resemble a transatlantic, fascinate with the musical show every night at 19:00 and 20:00, for ten minutes and it’s a fantastic performance for everyone’s pleasure. At night, this is a very busy area which also offers live music.

Another shopping center is Coco Park, popular not only by the Chinese but also by Westerners. Restaurants, bars of all types and with both international and Chinese cuisine.
Built on 5 floors, modern and with a variety of brand shops from all over the world.


In front of the Sae World is Mount Nanshan that gives the landscape a touch of green with its hills above the city. A real strenuous hike which provides an up and down of 700 steps, but it paid off with a spectacle view of the sea and city. We recommend this exploration to people physically trained because reaching the summit is not easy.




We tried to come across the real Chinese history going to visit the Temple of Tian Hou in Chiwan built during the Song Dynasty in 1410. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times and is in constant renovation. Among the incense scent we came to visit this particular chinese structure, dedicated to Tian Hou, goddess of the sea.

Legend tells it that a famous Ming admiral, Zheng He, along with his fleet was struck by a terrible storm while sailing at Chiwan. The Goddess saved the fleet and claims therefore the emperor, Zhu, to build a temple nearby in his honor, as a thanksgiving for protection and assistance given to the sailors.

Another stop to be included in the itinerary is the Museum of Shenzhen to Fuzhong. Free and open from 10 am to 6 pm, here you will see memorabilia, historical reconstructions of the Chinese tradition and culture, and discover the history of this millennial people. Kids will find a room with interactive and interesting games.

For the little ones, but not only, the Happy Valley amusement park in Nanshan District, is one of the popular attractions in all of China. Very large, it covers an area of 350,000 square meters arranged in nine thematic areas: Magic Castle, Spanish Steps, White Shangri-la, Adventure, Sunshine Beach, Happy Time, Playa Maya Water Park, City of the gold mine, Typhoon Bay. More than 100 rides suitable for all ages, inside there is also a water park which won the “Industry Innovation Award” by World Water Parks Association.

We know that China is also famous for selling electronic devices. Then, we recommended to stop st the market at Huaqiangbei district. Here you will find everything about technology, computers, cell phones, cameras and accessories. Shops and the stalls where bargaining for is a must and it is crucial double check what you are buying, the package has to be sealed and original.

With this last one we conclude our experience in Shenzhen and between a plate of fried rice and a soup with vegetables and tofu we meet you at the next story.

Happy journey to all!

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