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Shenzhen, discovering the real China …


Shenzhen (深圳 市) is a sub-provincial town of the People’s Republic of China belonging to the province of Guangdong in southern mainland China, bordering Hong Kong, which is about 30 minutes by car.

Modern metropolis, in constant economic and social development, where skyscrapers and contemporary buildings are opposed to buildings less gorgeous and sometimes even decadent.


Wet for 70 km from the sea, it has many bathing areas as the famous beaches of Dameisha, Xiaomeisa, Xichong, Shuishatou, Xiyong where both locals and tourists go in warmer weather.

The most evident evolution has been happening in the last 30 years, before it was a fishing village, nowadays urbanization and industrialization have completely changed the scenario of this town.





But Shenzhen is still a place tied to cultural traditions with an ancient history, which they say dates back more than 5000 years ago. Most of its inhabitants come from different countries of China, moved there for work, even if they use to come back in the hometowns often, to visit family and friends.

With its 15 million inhabitants, it is a place where it is difficult to stay alone in the street, walking side by side by the constant presence of people, each one with a different style. You’ll not see many European and Western, the Chinese population prevails.




The climate is sub-tropical with a mild winter and a hot and very humid summer. Then, if you decide to explore China, you should opt for the winter or spring months. Although wherever you go you will find air conditioning, drive around the city or excursions with a humidity of 100% is really terrible.

Pollution is below the big towns of Shanghai and Beijing, thanks to the sea breezes that help to clean the air and the reduced presence of industries that use coal energy. After the summit for the global pollution it would seem that China has committed itself to use clean and renewable energy resources in the next years and so we hope.


Public transport is excellent, inexpensive and can satisfy the whole population. An expanding subway, clean, with an excellent safety. In fact, before entering the station bags are checked through metal detectors and x-rays, Chinese do not miss a thing.

Taxis, buses, and private cars with driver, everything works fine. There are no queues for the wait where Chinese calmly wait for their turn without jumping queues. Their education is unparalleled.





Be aware that Facebook and other social networks in Shenzhen and throughout China are not working because they are blocked. So indulge discovering China to 360 ° and on your return you will be able to share with friends your experience.

To enter in Shenzhen and throughout China you will need a visa, which can be obtained from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your town. Some travel agencies help you in the process by taking charge of your request and sending it to the Chinese Embassy.


Shenzhen has greatly focused on the work development, but there are still many things to see and explore and we‘ll discover them in the next article.

Us of Cocco on the road stayed at the Sentosa Hotel (Guangdong, Shenzhen, Nanshan, Yiyuan Rd, 马家龙 田 厦 IC 产业 园 邮政编码: 518052 Phone: +86755 2658 6888) and we would recommend it as it meets our quality standards. Cleaning of rooms and courtesy from staff cheered our stay in this place. The rooms are spacious, there’s a daily change of towels, courtesy kit in the toilet, TV and WIFI free.







Inside, there’s a restaurant serving Chinese and international cuisine with very reasonable prices. The Hotel has good prices, in a location with bars and restaurants nearby. Subway is about 10 minutes by foot.





However, we chose to move by taxi, because they are very cheap and you can go everywhere, even though it was a bit ‘difficult to communicate, because many do not speak English, but with a bit of imagination and patience we’ve been always able to make us clear.

See you again to find out together what to visit in Shenzhen …

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