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Santorini, on the road. (Part 1)


There are many things you can say about this wonderful island and I would like to tell you my experience.


I went to Santorini on 7th July, a bit of anxiety and agitation days before departure. I was happy to be able to visit a small part of Greece. I fell in love with Santorini at first sight: the first photo, the blue domes, white houses and beaches have made daydreaming me. I admit that I have heard about the island only after seeing the episode of Gossip Girl where Serena Van Der Woodsen runs in Santorini with her lover, but that’s not the important thing.

As I told you, my summer vacation in Santorini on 7 July, from Bergamo (Orio al Serio), flight in the morning and arriving to the island around at 3 pm local time. Before leaving I booked a scooter (in fact, these things he always occupies Stefano, my boyfriend, fortunately, because with my skills we would have a tricycle, that of children) that allowed us to move, even by airport to the hotel, located in Perissa.

It was not difficult to find the hotel, even there we managed very well, but luck was on our side. The hotels in Perissa, Athanasia Apart Hotel, is a small building with several rooms/apartments, swimming pool and 2 minutes from the sea, the owners are a couple of very nice gentlemen, unfortunately only know the greek and a little English, but we are unable to make people understand very well. The room we were assigned was not the best, but the next day we asked if we could change and the owners have done everything possible to settle (without even asking an additional fee). The new location was much better, more spacious and with a small terrace which we used for our aperitifs Home Made.

In the afternoon we moved to the beach exploring, then stopping at a bar/club/restaurant to drink two beers and enjoy the sun. For dinner we decided to stay in the area, causes fatigue, venturing into the city center. We had dinner (no, it was a second drink) in a lovely little bar on Gyros Place, which offers local dishes: Gyros, souvlaki, Greek salad, pita (greek bread) and much more. We devoured a Pita Chicken Gyros and our first Greek Salad accompanied by a cold beer. For dinner (the real one) we opted for a restaurant facing the sea that offered different menus at a good price: Moussaka, Greek salad, stuffed and sweet peppers and tomatoes. Here we ate really well, the kitchen is similar to that of the countries in which they originate in: Kosovo, Serbia, Albania. After dinner we took a walk, to digest all the food you eat and to discover Perissa.


The second day we moved to Fira, the capital, and Oia. We spent all day wandering through the two towns, they have really hit. This is the one I fell in love with Santorini, typical houses, small streets and shops. A wonder to behold. Kissed by the sun, they offer a spectacular view of the caldera and the sea. Luxury hotels and restaurants, but not only, allowing you to fully enjoy the peace and quiet that only the sound of the sea gives you.

To Oia we went late afternoon to admire the famous sunset. (And here I open a parenthesis. I did not like, do not give me any emotion, maybe I made too many expectations. I’m not a romantic person and the atmosphere that is created is rather to be couples on a first date. But there please, do not be influenced by me, go and see it.) I bought two beers and we were on the roof of a restaurant to get a better view. A river of people waiting for the sunset, couples, friends, families, all with an eye toward the horizon in order to seize the farewell of the sun.

Continued …

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