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Santorini, diary on the road (Part 3)


I’m here to tell you the final part of my vacation. The last two days we decided to move to the airport, for two reasons: we wanted to see what it would take on a motorbike from the hotel and because that part of the island we had not yet visited.


In the morning we started early, as usual (they are a strange person, on vacation I can wake up at 7 am that are active while at home if I wake up after 10 hours of sleep is a zombie) towards the airport, which is located at west, we moved to the beach to drink coffee and rest. Unfortunately I do not remember what it’s called the beach, but is very close to Kamari and is one of the most famous Santorini. Here happiness, not only for the delicious coffee but also for the acceptable price, because you should know that coffee is expensive, undrinkable. The bar is run by a man so kind, in short, a “Mother Teresa of Calcutta” seeing that devour cookies accompanied the coffee brought me samples of croissants, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After stopping for over an hour at the bar we went to the beach for a walk. I do not need to tell you that the sea is something spectacular, clean and crystal clear.

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For lunch we decided to go to Kamari where you can choose from the many restaurants by the sea and we were in this city until the evening, the place to us had fascinated a lot. The next day we were back in the little bar by the sea and once again the bartender brought me the famous pastries that this time I have not eaten in 3 seconds. Same routine the day before: bar-beach.


I forced Stefano to make me the photos, because I could not go back to Italy without a good repository for Instagram, but unfortunately Stefano is not able to take pictures so they save very little. After the photo shoot gone wrong, we went to Kamari, after hours of strolling, my partner decided to eat, the food I always let him decide, I do not want to know anything. I ordered the “Bulgari” Salads, a gem: arugula, salmon, pomegranate, orange and pine nuts. Stephen took the fish, the last lunch was the most “expensive” … less than 30 €, this to tell you that is not very expensive Santorini.


Riding the scooters to the hotel, where we enjoyed the last day of vacation, I relax by reading poolside (I give my advice, even if you arrive there by yourself, if you plan on spending much time in the hotel, bring something to read, especially if your partner falls asleep after 2 seconds that spoken together). In the evenings, homemade aperitif and dinner in Perissa, we did not want to move because the next day the alarm was scheduled early to catch the plane. I ate moussaka, souvlaki and Greek salad, I wanted to remember the flavors of Greece as much as possible.

If I had to give a score to this vacation would give a nice 7.5, it is not so much so, but after that you visited in three days there is nothing to do and I’m used to run all day, to discover new places and the island is not very large. All in all I had fun and I was able to go to Santorini, the place that 14 years had made my heart beat at the sight of the first blue dome.


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  • Pietrolley
    January 21, 2017

    La mia Santorini 💙 che meraviglia… una settimana bellissima!
    Mi hai evocato ottimi ricordi 😊

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