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Santorini, Diary of a road trip (part 2)


I’m back here. In the previous post, I told you where the first two days of my trip to Santorini, which you can read here (Part One), I forgot to tell you about the return.


After sunset, the people began to leave the place where they had stopped to admire the view and go looking for a restaurant for dining, the human traffic was worse than what you find on a highway during rush hour, so we opted to have dinner in a small restaurant. As usual Stefano ate a Greek salad (even the models eat so much salad) while I chose the peppers and tomatoes stuffed, my mother makes them and I was curious to try if the taste was the same. The greek food, compared to that of my mother, as well as having the rice also has the fennel; I also tried the famous Sovlaki chicken, do not tell you the goodness, grilled, the meat was tender and juicy, paradise. The tavern is located at the beginning of Oia on the right, it is run by a very nice and welcoming family.

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After dinner we went riding our scooter and went back to the hotel. The next day we woke up early, breakfast and we left for Red Beach, which is located in South-West of the island, very easy to reach. Before going to Read Beach we stopped to visit a beautiful town called Akrotiri. Even here you can find the beautiful white houses, narrow alleys and climb and many churches.


Red Beach there is very close to the archaeological site of Akrotiri, so if you want you can visit both in one day. I regret not being able to fully describe the feeling you get when you see that piece of paradise, but I can assure you that leaves you breathless. The sea is so clear that I even had a bath, I fear that I fish, I will never set foot in the sea. The beach is not great, but a place for two beach towels you can find it easily. The red of the rocks on one side, and the blue sea on the other make you feel good, a feeling of inner peace.


For lunch I tasted the meatballs to fried tomatoes, I had never eaten food like that and there are still bad from what they were good, but try to guess what he ate Stefano! In the evening we did not do anything special, we were in Perissa on the boardwalk for walkers is the place, a few kilometers of restaurants and bars. Being an island very windy, the day you do not realize the sunburn you’ll catch if you are not well protected and in the evening there is a slightly cool air. A pair of light trousers or shorts with a sweater over is ideal, especially if the return you must do it on a motorbike.

Continued …


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