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Mount Island, after the Floating Piers.


Mount Island (Monte Isola-Montisola) is an island located on Lake Iseo, in the province of Brescia and holds the primacy of the largest lake island in Italy and central and southern Europe.

Montisola vista da Sulzano-Cocco on the road.jpg

This place became famous thanks to the architectural work of Christo, who on June 2016 decided to install a floating pier connecting Sulzano to Monte Isola until reaching the small island of San Paolo.

The floating walkway has been traveled by millions of tourists visiting this 4-mile-long construction, sharing this experience on social, friends or just creating photo albums.

The feeling of being able to walk on the water has aroused several positive feedbacks, increasing the notoriety of this island in the middle of the lake, which few knew very first.

Foto floating piers Montisola-Cocco on the road.png

I went to Montisola, at a distance of 1 year from that event, to see with my eyes what was left of this. Both before departure to the port of Sulzano, and when you arrive on the island there are exhibits of memory photos, the winners will remain there to bear witness to the fact. On the road that runs along the long lake have been affixed, with great fonts and with the #thefloatingpiers of the structures where you can still make beautiful memories.

#thefloatingpiers-Cocco on the road.jpg

There are large orange fishing nets and so many souvenirs to keep in mind. It is in fact that Monte Isola thanks to this event has achieved a popularity and visibility that it never had. Before then few knew her and tourism was poor. Only in the summer he was attracted to some foreigners coming from Holland or Germany, because they are very fond of Lake Iseo.

Reti da pesca Monte Isola-Cocco on the road.jpg

But let’s see what you can do or see here in Monte Isola:

  • A nice walk across the lake shore, with a stop in some bars or restaurants offering local specialties. Here it is very characteristic to eat sardines (persys and agonists), dried in the sun on wooden arches.

Sardine essicate al sole Montisola-Cocco on the road.jpg

  • Visit the Madonna della Ceriola Sanctuary at the top of the mountain from which you can enjoy a wide view of Lake Iseo and the surrounding mountains. To reach this it is necessary to take a cobblestone road (ancient mule track) starting from Peschiera Maraglio until you reach the hamlet of Cure, otherwise along a path (longer route) that begins near the port of Peschiera Maraglio. It is advisable to arrive by ferry to Peschiera Maraglio, take the shuttle bus to reach the village of Cure from which you can reach the Sanctuary in 30 minutes.


  • Discover the medieval village of Novale, located above Carzano, made up of houses built with walls of square bushes and wooden balconies, with sloping roofs where you can often find fish hanging for drying.

  • Island of San Paolo, small and mysterious, in the middle of Lake Iseo, near the shores of Montisola. Now it can be circumnavigated because it is the private property of the Beretta Family (Brescian arms producers), while it was once a monastery of the Cluniac congregation.

Isola di San Paolo Monte Isola vista dal lungolago-Cocco on the road.png

Beautiful as the discovery of Montisola. To reach it you have to get to the municipality of Sulzano, park your car in the designated parking lots. I parked in the one near the harbor, where there are shops and banks, paying 1.50 € per hour (not cheap, unfortunately). The ferry (Iseo Lake Navigation) instead I paid for it back and forth, 2 adults and 2 children 16 €. You can consult timetables and prices directly from their site.

Biglietti traghetto per Monte Isola-Cocco on the road.jpg

Below I attach the map of Monte Isola to understand where to take the ferry and how to move inside it. There is the option to rent bicycles or tandem to combine fun, sports and wellness at this visit.

Mappa Montisola.png

Don’t forget to take with you camera or Smartphone to take unforgettable photos.






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