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Media Kit Cocco on the road

is born from a Marika idea on 2015 as personal travel blog, lifestyle, fashion and tips. On 2016, the blog is enriched with 2 collaborators who help with telling and advising through their reviews what, how and where to travel. 


If you are looking for opportunities to get visualizations for your products or services we are the right people for you, representing your leading brand.

We will be happy to provide our detailed services and you will receive any information clearly and accurately without any obligation to cooperate.


Reviews are a great way to get exposure for your products, services or brands. More reviews written about a product, service, hotel or other property will have more chances for you to have views or sales.

We are available to evaluate or review hotel facilities (hotels, B&B, holiday homes, resorts, etc.), restaurants, tourist establishments and products (clothing, shoes, make up, accessories, etc.).

A good means of collaboration can be established quickly and efficiently, calculating that our available resources are multiple. Post blogs, banners placed on the site, all shared through social media sponsorships like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Posts can be written in two languages ​​(Italian and English) and we have the opportunity to share them on social media in China (Chinese translation) through a Chinese collaborator who lives and works in Shenzhen. All this can be an advantage for those who want to know their products and services even outside their own countries.

We also work as Influencer to advertise brands of any kind. We create effective web content, videos and photos to attach to your every request.

To request a quote and a collaboration proposal you can write us an email at or by completing the form below.


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