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5 destinations to go on vacation with your children.


Sometimes I think of the trips I did by myself or with friends, when I was not married and I did not have my kids. Beautiful and unforgettable ones, where I’ve discovered and seen wonderful places.

Now things have changed and I rarely decide to travel without my family, only for business trips, but we are always together and the experiences are still extraordinary and have a unique flavor of complicity.

When we decide to go for a vacation or a getaway, we have to combine both desires of each of us and the different needs that a child may have on our trip, I assure you that if a child gets used to extreme situations, they can be more tolerant than adults.

Malta, La Valletta - Cocco on the road

For this reason, I tried to build a 5-seat list where to go on vacation with your children, so right for them, but unforgettable even for their parents.

  • Disneyland Paris: Not only for the little ones, but we all know that Disneyland is the amusement park that does not disappoint anyone, where fantasy, fairy tale magic and attractions will please everyone, including grandparents!

  • What about a beautiful and pleasant vacation in Croatia? Not just sea and beaches, but also nice to discover villages and hidden places, together with the participation of your children. A tip: they are not really willing for long walks, so just promise them an ice cream or a small souvenir to tease them!
  • Füssen, the green lung of Bavaria. Here, besides nature, hiking, bathing in the ponds and horse riding, you can discover Castles, legends and stories. For walks, hiking or walking trails with the youngest ones, it is advisable to equip with special backpacks to carry children (look the site).

  • Malta, the pearl of the Mediterranean. Your children will be happy to make wonderful diving in the crystalline sea of the Island. As well, you can please the whole family with boat trips to see the islands of Gozo and Comino or know the history by visiting the capital Valletta, always with the promise of a souvenir.

  • Last destination, but only by location, a great holiday in Favignana in Sicily. Here, I recommend taking a family-friendly apartment and renting a car for the chance to explore the beaches and stunning coves. When traveling by car, short or long distances, always remember the safety of your children and never forget the baby seats, easily transportable on the plane (look the site).

There are many other places to see, but these are the ones that inspired me most for this time. Tried and approved by all my family.


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