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Flixbus the new way to travel.


I found it almost by accident

let’s say I heard about it and also a lot but never tested it. So, near my weekend trip to Venice, I tried to take a look at the site and find an amazing offer I decided to test Flixbus.


Compared to the train ticket costs of the time, calculating that it was the long bridge on June 2nd (anniversary of the Italian republic) the fare of 30 euros (round trip Brescia/Venice) made sure that I discovered something alternative to travel.


On board I immediately noticed the cleanliness and comfortable space between one seat and the other, but what was most encouraging was the really present and working WI-FI and the socket for charging TV, Notebook or the other. The colors of the upholstery are soft and relaxing, unlike the green light that has the outside of the bus, does not go unnoticed.

Presa della corrente.jpg

The bathroom is clean, this is a service that not all buses provide. There are 2 on-board drivers who change after a few kilometers. In short, I found myself so well booked for the next trip with Flixbus.


Safe for those traveling solo and doesn’t want to go too far with their own car, comfortable for families with children and also efficient for business travelers. As always Tried and Approved.

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