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Discover the Mountain Maddalena in Brescia.


Give us a beautiful sunny day, two little girls, even three if we count the granddaughter and the complicity of a sister who does not like walking in the mountains but in my insistence … all to explore and venture into the nature of Monte Maddalena in Brescia.

Monte Maddalena is a mountain of the Brescia pre-Alps and Gardesane that stands and monitors, from its top height of about 880 meters, the city of Brescia easily reachable by car, by Via Panoramica, with both urban bus (No. 6) , which, however, leads to the summit only in summer. In less than 20 minutes to reach the vantage of an easily traveled road with several hairpin bends, but wide and smooth.


In the years 50/60 there was a cable car linking the center of the city to the mountain top, but with the urbanization of the streets has been dismantled. Too bad because it would be a good alternative and fun.

During the climb, the height between the second and the third bend, you can see the “Tomb of the Dog” is a funerary monument on the history of which there are several versions and legends but one that we like tells of a wealthy businessman that the his death left all his possessions to his real life partner, his dog. The death of the dog used the money inherited by the owner to build a large tomb. But the reality is quite different with a much longer and more complex history. The truth is that in it there is not buried it the entrepreneur nor his dog, but remains in the hearts of all the citizens of Brescia.

On the way you can meet on the street both cyclists and pedestrians that lend themselves to rise and the more experienced local venture to the various trails. But we want to play it safe, because with the children is not nice advancing in little-known and crowded, so we prefer to get up to the panoramic, to travel the paths that we know and where we are sure to meet people.

Arrive on the top, there is public parking adjacent to one of the two restaurants, the only ones present. Here we parked our car and the first thing we had lunch, picnic over the hill which lies exactly in part to the car park, then behind the restaurant Il Grillo. Sandwiches and chips to the delight of girls and then we left for the trek down the path. There are many, however, all too easy to go with the kids.


The search for chestnuts was the theme of our trip, but along the way we have found a few small. In fact in this period are the “Agostine”, for the most delicious you have to wait the end of October beginning of November.

Stick equipped, like some experts that we are not, we forwarded through the vegetation, without leaving the path, being careful where you put your feet up and just explaining to the children the dangers that nature can have. On the way, several people stopped to chat with our daughters who filled them with questions and boasted for 10 harvested chestnuts. Nice…

The fantastic day and the perfect climate for this excursion accompanied us on an adventure that everyone liked us. Among the many colorful butterflies we encountered and the small toad peeped through the leaves, with lots of fun and wonder.

Although we walked for nearly two hours fatigue has not been felt with the complicity of the landscape and fascinating place around us. Walking through nature is always a great experience and a blessing for body and mind.

The sports that can be practiced in the area are hiking and biking. There is the possibility of making free flight with parachute and climbing on the different cliffs.

What more, good nature to all…

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