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Discover Malta Island, again.


The temptation was strong and I wanted to return to the place where I lived for 4 years: Malta.

What you feel when leaving a country, whether it is yours or adoption, is that you remain within a little uncertainty, if your choice was the best or not, the emotions you feel are dictated by your heart or head? That is to say, do you think that what you miss is tied to the place itself or just to the memories?

Both are my answer. What I miss every day in Malta is the sea, living in Brescia are surrounded by mountains and lakes which I love, but the sea is what I need as a medicine to relieve any kind of malaise.

But what joins me to this island that can never be forgotten are friends, relatives and all the memories they have with them, beautiful or ugly, to be able to relive and reproach the misadventures that happen, after so long you make a Beautiful laugh. No matter who you leave or who you take, giving me a peek behind me has always helped me to face the future for the better.

What enriches man is to discover new places but above all to meet new people and make them the most precious treasure to always carry with you wherever you go.


Cappuccino and aperitif at Bugibba, in the square overlooking the sea and where in summer the tourists and locals find themselves. A relaxing stroll and stop at Mellieha Bay Beach to try again the goodness of dipping your feet in the sea and letting your thoughts lie behind relaxing on the warm sand.

Mellieha Bay.jpg

Walk from San Julian and Sliema to once again admire the long sea and the architectural beauties that make this island also appreciated for this. Take a break in Valletta, to enjoy the history of this country once again. How to quit eating pastizzo, cheese for me, classic Maltese snack made of pasta with stuffed vegetables or cheese or chicken.


Here the fun is for all ages, families and teenagers. For young Malta in the evening dresses for lights, colors and music. Paceville is the center of nightlife but if you are looking for something different I would recommend booking a boat party with the Summer Love Boat Parties. The ship departs every evening from Sliema Ferry and sailing with music, open bar and animation, reaches Comino Island for the night bath in the beautiful crystal clear waters.


Two days pass quickly and are few to turn around the island, while being small deserves to be discovered at best, things to do and see there are several. You can rent cars and scooters (here our tips) but also the buses work well and take you a bit everywhere. Prices, times and routes on Malta Public Transport website.

I stayed at Cristina, criholiday vacation homes, in a Penthouse with sea views in the heart of Mellieha (North Island). Cleanliness and courtesy are the things that I first seek in a lodging and here I found much more. The apartment was too big for me alone, but I did not even manage to enjoy it for the many things I had to do. Towels, sheets, WIFI, TV and everything you need with a well-equipped kitchen also for fantastic lunches and dinners on the sea-view terrace. Recently, there is also an apartment that overlooks the beach of Mellieha Bay.

Penthouse Mellieha.jpg


I repeat and invite anyone to write to me to receive some questions or questions to discover Malta, after all, I can say that I know it as my pockets.

Let me thank everyone, friends and relatives who have pampered me, spoiled and followed around here and there for the island and remember: I’ll be back sooner or later!

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