An unusual leisurely cruise on Danube.


If you are planning a holiday and seeking for history and beauty

one really fits to all adventure enthusiast: the cruise on Danube.
Cruises are scheduled between March till December thanks to the mild climate and our advice is to travel between June and October to avoid rains.


The departure is in Passau which is located in Bavaria, Germany, on the eastern border with Austria. It is also known as Dreiflüssestadt (the city of the three rivers).
The cruise on Danube is quiet, relaxing and the cruise offers a variety of ways to spend your time aboard. Some ships are equipped with comforts such as a heated swimming pool to relax waiting to get the first stop, Vienna.


Getting off, you can take the metro which is a few steps away and you can use the automatic machines that issue tickets valid for all the destinations. In Vienna you will find efficient services and transports, impressive monuments, many boutiques and free wifi. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Schonbrunn Castle, the Prater Ferris wheel and good food are just some of the things you can find in this beautiful city.


The next stop is Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, in fast transformation after the economic growth of the country and its entry into the euro zone. High is the Castle which overlooks the city; the historic center can be visited both on foot or by tram, some are very traditional. Monuments and architecture that still recall the communist past. Crafts with typical porcelain are displayed and sold in colorful shops.

The cruise on Danube continues, with a slow and steady navigation on the Danube. The landscape around, both day and night, transforms gradually as you change towns, wonderfully unique.
Lunches and dinners surrounded by the beauty of nature, admiring enchanting scenarios of the river, with all kinds of boats that pass by, with amazing people who get lost in the charm of Eastern Europe.


Latest stop of the cruise on Danube is Budapest, continuing to sail with a beautiful landscape, with houses, castles, forests and nature. In Budapest you can visit the famous market of local products. You can rent bicycles to reach the sights or to explore the town from a different perspective.
Otherwise you can take the cab to visit the Buda Castle and also join a tour with the Sightseeing bus. Music played by street artists, colours and flavors make Budapest a fabulous discovery, which pushes away the wrong knowledge coming from a distant past. Go to the Heroes’ Square to retrace the history of many events that happened here, now meeting place for many people including young one.

Tips for a wonderful cruise on the Danube.

Here ends this fantastic adventure, a cruise on the Danube, in a magical atmosphere with the mist that is born in the morning giving the landscape a note of mystery and fairy tale, leaving finally space to the sun that illuminates the roofs of cathedrals, castles and of the characteristic houses that each country offers to the passengers of the ship.

I would recommend this cruise to everyone, including families with children, to know and turn to Eastern Europe capitals, and discover the countries that stretch to the banks of the river. If you want to travel the river with a cruise of a few hours or a day’s maximum from one of the European capitals you can visit the Get Your Guide website that offers mini cruises.

Instead, for the cruise from Passau to Budapest, you can visit the Cruiser Online site.


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