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Bari on the road. Manual for a perfect vacation.


Go back where as a child I lived most of my summer vacations. I was leaving with the regional train, Brescia/Milano Milano/Bari, 10 hours of a long and infinite journey to reach a place where everything started, my story, my existence: Bari.

Here I was born and every time I come back realize that my roots are here, firm to this dry and hot summer summer, watered by the breeze of the sea, always waiting for my return.

And the return has been, suddenly as the decisions I always take at the last minute. I go, I prepare my car, my little girls and relay on the highway of the sun, the one leading to the sea.

The first thing that welcomes me with the smile is the sun, which in Termoli gives me a beautiful sunrise and the tiredness of the journey goes away, leaving the place to the desire to arrive.

Alba in autotrada

I am welcomed, as with any return, in the best of ways, by friends and relatives, ready to make me live those emotions that have remained there in stand by. First satisfaction is to walk along the promenade, from Bari center to San Giorgio, to stop at Fish shop dal Nonno.

Lungo mare

Here, besides finding fresh, freshly caught fish of quality, you can also delight the palate with an aperitif to be enjoyed just inside the fishmonger, one side for refreshment.

Pescheria dal Nonno

Fresh fish and small resting lunch to resume hours of sleep lost during the trip. In the evening I do not miss the usual and inevitable lap for Bari Vecchia in search of the origins of this city. Here many tourists know that they can find locals, bars, ice-cream parlors, and many excursions or trips to discover the traditions.

Fine del lungo mare.jpg

I relocate in the alleys, which in the evening seem almost uninhabited, but day by day they animate people who live a daily life that has the ancient flavor. In fact, in the daytime, it is possible to see the elderly women who prepare the orecchiette (typical barese pasta) made by hand, men instead sitting on small stools playing a beer at the cards and children running with the ball between the feet, little Cassano grow. (Cassano is a famous football player)

Tipica casa a Bari Vecchia

I’m always fascinated in front of the Church of Bari Vecchia, once called the Cathedral of San Sabino dating from the Byzantine era (1034). Like ST. Nicola Church (open Monday to Friday from 7am to 8.30pm, Sunday from 7am to 6pm), patron saint of the city where the relics are present.

By day, you can find shops of all kinds, from the classic bakeries selling bread and focaccia (typical barese), to souvenirs with local crafts.

Nei vicoli

I walked through the city walls, where on the right you have the view of the seafront, delighting the palate with a very good fried panzerotto (mozzarella and tomato), which tasted so has all the other flavor. Beware the panzerotto is hot and the contents inside it can spill. So when you eat it, the ideal position is to stand, with your back slightly inclined forward (from the classic barese manual).

Il panzerotto

Much to see here, within the old city: Diocesan Museum, Historical and Civic Museum, Church of Santa Teresa dei Maschi, Church of St. Mark’s of Venetians, Nicolaan Museum, Archaeological Museum of Santa Scolastica and Church of San Giacomo.

You can stay at the B & B 62 Marinai, or at B & B L’Officina, both inside Old Bari, characteristic with their stone walls and good reviews.

Le mura di Bari Vecchia

Get lost in its alleys and taste the tradition…

To be continue.



5 Responses
  • lillyslifestyle
    July 3, 2017

    Forse non ci crederai ma non sono mai stata a Bari (mea culpa) ma i panzarotti li ho mangiati eccome 😛

    • Marika
      July 3, 2017

      C’è sempre tempo, Bari è da vedere, almeno 1 volta nella vita 😉

      • lillyslifestyle
        July 3, 2017

        anche più di una, è nella mia lista di città italiane da tempo ormai….

        • Marika
          July 3, 2017

          Quando deciderai di andare sarò lieta di darti qualche consiglio. 😉

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