Bari on the road, the end of the journey.


Unfortunately all the beautiful things eventually or end, like the travels, come home with the experiences they have experienced, enclosed in the memory case. In the first part I told you about Bari center, in the second part we went to Torre a Mare and today I will tell you about far and near Bari countries.


If you are looking for a crystalline sea, either sand or rocks, Monopoli is what is your case. I must say that my initial destination was Capitolo where there is a long sandy beach, both public and private, that alternate. Instead, I lost myself to Monopoli where there are coves that follow some of the sand and some of the rock. But I’m lost in the right direction I would say.

Porto Camicia.jpg

I chose the beach of Porto Camicia. There are two possibilities to park: either free on the street or at the guarded parking at the cost of 4 euros.

From the top the view is breathtaking, the cliff that descends down to the crystal clear waters of the sea. The beach is both for a fee (15 euros for two sun loungers and an umbrella) that frees. There is a bar/restaurant, from where you can access to admire from above all the panorama of the bay and beyond.

Porto Camicia dall'altoLa spiaggia di Porto Camicia

After a bit of relaxation at the sea, it really took a visit to the village of Alberobello: to discover the trulli. Contrary to what I had read in some reviews, I did not come across vendors and souvenir shops that hacked the scenario. From the Basilica of SS Cosma and Damiano I continued to arrive at the Trullo Sovrano, built on two floors in the first half of the 18th century. Inside there is a museum, and others can be seen with guided tours. (Timetables and prices)

Trullo sovrano.jpg

But what I most liked to do is wander around without a goal, between a trullo and another, listening to people and stopping to admire those wondrous wonders over time. I thank Mr. Giovanni De Carlo for seeing me in trouble, looking for a bathroom for my little girls, he opened the doors of his trullo, without hesitation, allowed us to use his bathroom. I talked a lot with Mr. Giovanni, he showed me how to live in a trullo and I found out that in addition to the rooms, kitchen, services and even garage, many also have a courtyard. What a wonder, and it is true that if it is hot inside, the temperature is cool.


The following day I got back in the car for a visit to Polignano a Mare. Passing the Arches Marchesale you enter the historic center of the village and between Churches, squares, palaces, houses and balconies where you enjoy a view from above, you are lost on the streets of the village.

Il paese PolignanoLa piazza a Polignano

Here Domenico Modugno was born who with his song Volare won Sanremo (Festival of the Italian song) in 1958 and many writers, artists, celebrities from all over the world come to Polignano to visit the city on the rock. Numerous caves that can be admired also from above in some parts of the country.

Polignano Vista dall'alto.jpg

From the Lama Monachile bridge, you can go down the Traiana road, passing under the old Roman bridge, until you reach the pebble beach enclosed in a suggestive bay. Here many tourists and locals come to cool off to swim in the beautiful waters of the sea. I recommend shoes for the sea to those who struggle to walk on the rocks. On Polignano you can find other useful information for guided tours.

Spiaggia di Lama Monachile.jpg
La spiaggia di Polignano.jpg

If you are in Bari and look for some place to spend your evenings, Torre Quetta has the right atmosphere to enjoy an evening with music, stroll along the sea and also a playground for the little ones. Baresi boys and families spend the hot summer evenings here, taking a bit of sea breeze, having fun in the company.

Torre Quetta.png

Bari is a lot more, but in a few days my on the road allowed me to see what I told you. Everything tried and approved for a holiday in the beauty of the Mediterranean.



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