An unusual dinner… underwater!


You know us of Cocco on the road like the curious stories and when we come across one we do not resist to share it with you. Then let’s fly to Dubai for a rather strange and unusual dinner: underwater! You can try this experience at the Al Mahara Restaurant, inside the luxurious Hotel Burj Al Arab.



If you wish to dine in a large aquarium, surrounded by so many colorful fish of several species this is the ideal place, where you can have an amazing meal, in an atypical atmosphere, made even more beautiful by the lights, the fine restaurant and the friendly and helpful staff who will accompany you in this underwater experience.



A charming restaurant where the elegance, good taste and unique style you can also find in the plates the chef offers, perfectly cared not only in taste but also in aesthetics.


Unfortunately, prices are the same level of quality and service, quite high and we suggest you double check the wine list, which in almost all places in Dubai are very expensive, as alcohol is not allowed except in restaurants and bars located in hotels.

To try at least once in a lifetime for the immpressing location; it is also possible to order a drink if you do not want to have dinner, just remember to book well in advance at the reception of the Burl Al Arab, because the place is often full booked being frequented by tourists and also by residents.

A romantic dinner in the company of our marine friends.

But not only in Dubai! Let’s fly in the beautiful islands of the Maldives, on Rangali Island (Ari Atoll) at the Hilton Conrad, luxury Resort, where you can find the Ithaa Restaurant.


From the beach you go down a few steps, at a depth of 5 meters to find themselves in a completely transparent tunnel and admire the spectacle of the underwater nature the Indian Ocean offers. Colourful fish of all kinds around you and you have the feeling to be there, with them, closely with their habitat.


Under the depths of the sea, to enjoy your dinner in this unique restaurant which can accommodate up to 14 guests. Once again,given the excellence of the place, the menu prices are quite high and the reservation must be made at least two weeks before.


A wonderful experience, which can take place in one of these heavenly places, where the sea and its life can not but impress and let anyone speechless.

Enjoy your meal!

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