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An espresso… quick, technological or traditional?


Today we went to make a special trip to discover the tradition of good Italian coffee that goes with the new technology. What are we talking about?

A known Italian company, Gruppo Cimbali of Milan, famous around the world for its coffee and cappuccino machines, offers its customers (bars and restaurants) great products and in recent years has tried to evolve, based on fashion, trends and technologies, thus forming a solid group with excellent worldwide reputation.


To counter the competition and be in step with the latest technology, the Cimbali Group has designed smart coffee machines that connect to the Internet to perform tasks dictated by the operating system based on Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

By investing resources and time needed to be in step with the times, they have decided to start, like many other companies in other sectors, in the world and in the knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT). The all consists, in this specific case, in making “talk” to the machine with the user. No water, should be performed the cleaning of the filters, a part must be repaired or replaced, and so on , a sort of virtual dialogue to know and interact with what each day serves to caterers or barman to work.


So there will be no wonder if in the bar under your home, or in a coffee shop across the ocean you will ever see one of these technological creations, which will not change the taste of the Italian espresso, but it will instead to improve the way people work, more and more lightening man manual tasks.

Here you can turn on a heated debate over who prefers the traditional moka, with his coffee with an intense taste, who is very skeptical and not keen to see these new technologies applied on one of the traditional coffee machines and those who believe in this and hopefully. 


Now I tell you a secret: my parents, passionate travelers like me, everywhere, on every journey, in their case they do not miss the “Survival Kit” (as they call them) which consists of moka, coffee blend ground and electric burner. Cool right? But as they say , this need not lie in bad and nasty surprises and also helps them make new friends , because many travelers like them, they aggregate to the usual ritual of coffee after lunch or dinner.

And you guys are? Traditional espresso, moka or absolutely IoT ?

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