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A nice walk to… Desenzano del Garda.


As we are in Brescia, we want to visit again a place with a special charm, surrounded by the beautiful Lake Garda, Desenzano.

Desenzano del Garda is a town close to Brescia, in southern Lake Garda, in the Lombardy region. Here you can find history and beauty.

We arrive here by car, taking the highway and we soon can see how the place is well-kept, with flower beds and roundabouts full of flowers and plants.



The walk along the lake is pleasant and the landscape around gives us a nice view of the lake on one side and the village of colorful houses and shops on the other.


We take some photos at the scene and thanks to the beautiful day we can see Sirmione at the other side of the lake and all the part going from Peschiera del Garda to Lazise, ​​the part of the lake in the Verona territory.





We start walking and among fountains, gardens and sculptures, we run into the historic lighthouse of the harbor surrounded by boats of all types and by the nice passage of swans and ducks. Before 1887, the port was illuminated by many oil lamps that were lit by a municipal clerk who also carried out maintenance. Then, after the renovation of the lighthouse and the construction of the dam, the mayor asked to replace kerosene lamps with other lighting, removing the attendant who had been inefficient.





Back over the harbor we go along the lake, seeing from afar the castle above the village with its ancient Roman walls, built in defense of barbarian invasions. Of the imposing building are still the walls, the four towers around the perimeter and the master input with the ruins of a drawbridge. At the end of the 800 it was transformed into barracks, in operation until 1943. The old officers’ quarters have been converted into exhibitions and conference rooms.





Then we reach the city center, Piazza Matteotti where we find the monument dedicated to the aeronautics of the High Speed department, which faces the lake. Surrounded by beautiful shops, bars and restaurants we enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream, which refreshes us while recharging spirit and body. We walk along the boulevard until we reach Piazza Malvezzi.


The old town has its origins in the ‘500 and it was created by the architect Giulio Todeschini; in the square there is a monument to the town’s patron saint St. Angela Merici, erected in 1782.




In Piazza Malvezzi, since 1970, every first Sunday of the month, from 9.00 to 19, takes place the Antique Market. Stalls exhibiting antiques of all kinds, furniture, clothes, bags, household items and we are attracted by the story these objects tell us.

In front of us stands the Dome of Desenzano, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. It was built on the ruins of an ancient church between 1586-1611, always designed by Giulio Todeschini. Inside are works by Andrea Celesti, Venetian painter of the ‘600, such as the “Resurrection” and several paintings dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.

Desenzano 26



We walk along the small streets of the center, some narrow and dark. Some houses still have old stone walls, others have been refurbished and now have colors giving a note of liveliness and warmth which contrast the blue of the lake.




People walk beside us, we notice a lot of German and Dutch tourists whose favourite destination is Lake Garda. The city is clean and well organized and that you can find Free Wifi in the following areas:

Desenzano37Via Roma
Port of Desenzano (dam)
Palazzo Todeschini
Piazza Malvezzi
Piazza Matteotti
Via Santa Maria
Museo Archeologico “G.Rambotti”
Railway station


If you are planning a trip, a weekend or a holiday exploring the Lake Garda, Desenzano is one of those destinations that respects the canons of history, beauty and fun, the latter especially in the night, when local, pubs and clubs in the surrounding area are full of young people.

Have a nice trip!

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