A holiday in Costa Brava: fun, sea and culture.


Costa Brava is a coastal region of Catalonia (Spain) on the Mediterranean Sea stretching from Blanes to the French border.

In Spanish “Brava” means wild, as wild, high and inaccessible are mots parts of the coastline. Spain can offer spectacular scenery, beautiful sea and fun for both young people and families. Many Italians choose to spend their holidays here because its Mediterranean style is closer to the Italian one.

The towns you can find here have undergone considerable structural change despite you can still find isolated beaches, hidden coves and villages that keep the old traditions. Crystal clear sea, colours and fun that the Catalans transmit and give to all visitors.
There are many scenarios you can see and explore, so many that an article would not be enough to describe them or describe them all, so we would like to draw up a list of places that we at Cocco on the road suggest to visit.

El Castell Beach in Palamos, This wild bay joins together the beauty of the woods and nature; you can also come here by bicycle to enjoy its landscapes on the way to the beach. That’s feast for those who love peace and wilderness places.

Costa Brava


Roses, the place in the Costa Brava suitable for families or couples looking for a complete and relaxing holiday. Fabulous beaches and coves with the possibility of water sports. Natural tours at the Parc Natural de l’Empordà Marshes.

Costa Brava1


– Nice to visit is also the Cap de Creus Natural Park in Roses, where inside are the remains of the first inhabitants of this city. Megalithic (Megalithic Set) built up with seven huge blocks arranged vertically and a weighing plate, holding the record of the largest prehistoric monuments in Catalonia.

Costa Brava3


Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figures is one place you cannot miss if you love art and eccentricity. Unique experience through objects and site works in a theater destroyed by fire during the Spanish Civil War, selected by Dalí to host the largest collection of his works.

Costa Brava Dali museo


Costa Brava Dali museo1

– How to describe Pals, the village located in the town of Girona, if not a quiet place pretty relaxing, as you walk through houses with a medieval atmosphere all around. Enjoy this trip leaving you carry the flavours, colours and scents that dominate this place. Small souvenir shops and artisan products will delight your discovery.

Costa Brava Borgo medioevale
Tossa Beach is a wide and quiet beach characterized by crystalline and uncontaminated water. A beautiful medieval castle gives the place a quite wonderful picturesque landscape.

Costa Brava Tossa beach

Many others the wonders that this stretch of coast offers. For a quieter holiday with children is recommended the period of June and September as you may find less crowded beaches, the sea even cleaner and less people who prefer fun and confusion.

At Cocco on the road we are always available for any further clarification or information. For now we wish you a good journey.


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