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Curiosities from London (city backstage)


London, multicultural town where you can meet people speaking diverse languages, as a Babel, which inhabitants are from all over the world, who have been enriching the country of different cultures, traditions and foods.

London charms everyone with its British style, its historical monuments and the life of the Royal Family. But today we are looking for its own curiosities and oddities, and we want to list a few of them that make the city even more full of mystery and desire to explore.

The first public transport service was created in July 1829: horses were pulling a carriage that could hold up to 22 passengers. The inventor was George Shillibeer.

Curiosita' a londra

The first public transport

– The umbrella was used in London the first time in 1750 by Jonas Hanway, who imported the prototype from Persia.

Curiosita' londra 2

Jonas Hanway

– London is at the 8th place in the European ranking of the cleanest cities. Although in some areas of the city centre it is hard to find a dustbin, maintenance and cleaning of roads are continuous and effective.

Teatime has got ancient origins even if nowadays it still a habit for young boys. Become almost a sacred rite, it is served in mid-afternoon accompanied by biscuits or snacks and is easy to find places full of people having their “tea time“. The Anglo-Saxons take tea with milk, not because they rather prefer milk than lemon but from an old custom, which involved the use of fine china sets of cups, not to stain the precious ones, they poured fresh milk.

– There is a custom in vogue among English people, romantic and very appreciated for who receives this gift. Did you know that it is possible to write your own love dedication on a bench of any park in London? That’s right, and think how nice would be to receive a romantic note from your beloved that remains etched in time on the wood of one of these seats scattered around the parks.

– Have you ever visited the Seven Noses in Soho? Strange work that of the artist Rick Buckley who in 1997 decided to stick 35 noses embedded in the walls in various places of the city against the installation of surveillance cameras. To date, there are only 7 left because the others were removed almost immediately, and legend tells who finds them all will be rewarded by luck.

Curiosita' Londra5

Seven noses on Soho

Hyde Park described by some as the Central Park of London because it is the heart of the most important events, such as concerts and performances by famous artists such as Madonna, REM, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and many others. But what many do not know is that inside preserves a cemetery dedicated to animals (pet cemetery). About 300 gravestones of dogs and cats not open to the public.

Curiosita' Londra6

Hyde Park

The Tube, the Metro in the British capital with over 350 stations is the oldest in the world and his first line, the Metropolitan Line, was born in 1863. If you consider the size it can also say that it is actually an underground city.

Curiosita' Londra 7

The Underground

– Do you remember the famous album cover of the Beatles where they were captured as they crossed over the pedestrian crossing? Zebra Crossing was adopted and opened in 1951, but today there are few, and one of them is precisely that famous ABBEY ROAD. Zebra Crossing have been replaced by Panda Crossing, whites and blacks alternating triangles and later by the Pelican Crossing, white dots marking the crossing area.

Curiosita' Londra8

Abbey Road – The Beatles

– The smallest police station is here in Trafalgar Square. A small cubicle installed in 1926 by Scotland Yard to control the protesters who gathered in the square every day. Today, it is a unit of telecommunications operators but on a board outside is a list of prohibitions in force in the square.

Curiosita' Londra9

Trafalgar Square

– Last but not least, a news of few months ago directly from the lost & found office at London Transport. They have documented and reported various odd items that people have been forgetting, over the years. The list show a prosthetic leg, a Spiderman doll-sized man, 12 000 umbrellas, 22,000 mobile phones and so many musical instruments to be able to play in an orchestra.

We stop here, even if the list of oddities would be longer. But if you want to know London then the best period is spring, as the climate is nice and if you are careful you can find good and affordable accommodation.

Have a nice trip.

2 Responses
  • Silvia Demick
    giugno 4, 2016

    London is so full of surprises! I only knew one of the curiosities you mentioned, that is the trick of pouring milk into the cup to avoid staining the china. One odd thing I recently came across is this: the place where the Beatles played their last gig is now an Abercrombie & Fitch store, just off Regent Street.

  • Marika
    giugno 4, 2016

    This news of the Beatles I did not know it. Thanks for having shared with us.

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