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Comino, a pirate island…


Comino (Maltese Kemmuna) is one of the islands of Malta, Gozo together, form the Calipsee Islands, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Small about 3.5 km² named after the wild fennel, which grows lush despite the aridity of its land, which in Maltese is called precisely Kemmuna.


Uninhabited place for centuries, at least until the Roman Empire period, later discovered by the Knights of Malta who used the island as a lookout to defend the territory of Malta from Turkish invasions (the Ottomans). But the pirates knew its soon (in the XV, XVI, XVII), using its caves and coves to hide and attack surprise boats of goods charges.

It was discovered only in the early 60s as a tourist destination and has remained uninhabited until it was built a hotel, the Comino Hotel is the only place on the island to stay and if it were not for a priest and a policeman, all around would be uninhabited .

Wildlife sanctuary for several species of birds, quiet and isolated place, but only in winter, because summer is alive with curious tourists with its ferries or boats sail to discover its wonders. Like the Blue Lagoon, where the crystal clear sea surrounded by impressive caves, is one of the most spectacular places Maltese Archipelago. Between Comino and Cominotto, a small uninhabited islet of only 0.25 square kilometers, it is this channel that forms precisely the Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon) rich marine fauna making it extremely popular for scuba diving and snorkeling.

You can see on a high promontory of Comino Tower of Santa Maria overlooking the southwest coast that was built to defend the Maltese areas from attacks of pirates and invaders. It was equipped with 40 cannons and an army of 130 men, ready to defend themselves from any barbarity.


The place is magnificent, the atmosphere is different, without the noise of cars and chaos of the city, but our advice is to visit it in the off season, spring or autumn, because unfortunately in the summer, the tourists who visit it are many and is likely to remain a little bit disappointed in terms of the uninhabited island. You can rent private boats, trips by ferry and tourist boats that will take you to discover the island of pirates.

Close your eyes and imagine …

2 Responses
  • ithemorrighan
    ottobre 21, 2016

    I went to Malta a couple of years ago but I had time only to visit Gozo which, in my opinion, is spectacular as well. I’ll definitely visit Malta again and make sure to make at least a one-day trip to Comino.

    • Marika
      ottobre 21, 2016

      Yes sure. Comino you have to see at least 1 time 😉

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