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Summer's fragrance by Clarins.


Summer is the season that overwhelms you with its colors, scents, the desire to go to the sea or on holiday with beautiful walks in the mountains. Whatever your destination, we all want to feel our fragrance and fresh skin.

For some years I use the eau fragrance of the Clarins line. With a delicate scent, they do not leave nails, they do not contain alcohol and leave their skin and fresh clothing.


There are 4 eau Clarins and each one with its peculiarity and fragrance. Let’s find them together and close our eyes, we imagine the scents:

EAU DES JARDINS Which contains harmony, freshness and delight. Essential oils and extracts of aromatic plants of bergamot, orange, grapefruit, rose, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, beech bud, black sorghum and currant that help to moisturize and refresh the skin with a delicate essence.

EAU DYNAMISANTE Gives vitality, freshness and tonicity. It encloses the cedar, patchouli, thyme white, bitter orange, rosemary, ginseng, aloe that toning and revitalizing the epidermis can also be used on the beach in the sun. In addition, both the bottle and the Eau Dynamisante packaging are eco-sustainable. The bottle is rechargeable and its components are dissociable to facilitate separate collection, the packaging is recyclable and the cardboard used for its production comes from managed forests in a sustainable way.

EAU RESSOURÇANTE It gives serenity, freshness and balance thanks to basil, iris, cedar, benzoin, salsa, robinia. Stimulate and give you relax and freshness all day long. It is used a lot by us even during the warmer times, during our travels, where we always want to look fresh after a nice walk in the sun and during our explorations. The perfume is not aggressive but pleasant and light as a flowering field in the spring.


EAU ENSOLEILLANTE It enhances brightness, freshness and good humor thanks to its extracts of non-odorless plants, not sensuous photos, so you can use it quietly exposed to the sun. Mandarin, grapefruit, ylang-ylang, bean, patchouli, watermelon, gryphon seeds, mimosa, linden and chamomile give a bright and radiant look, a touch of freshness and serenity all day thanks to its components.

You find them in all perfumeries, the Clarins brand is synonymous with warranty and is known and sold all over the world. Scented waters are commercially available in 50 and 100 ml spray bottles, convenient to travel, after a long airstrip, getting to fresh and scented is always enjoyable.

The cost varies depending on where you buy it and in what format, but it is around 45/50 euros per 100 ml. I’ve been using this product for years and are really satisfied with it and you instead of what used product you want to advise me?

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