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Brescia light up with the International Festival of Lights.

giovedì, febbraio 9, 2017

I told you that in Brescia there is a castle dating from the Middle Ages that overlooks the city and offers a magnificent view on it. Needless to say that all those who pass by here choose the Castle as a stop for a visit, because it keeps well, the management for the restructuring is ...

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Knights and ladies, all together at Brescia Castle!

sabato, febbraio 4, 2017

We’re in Brescia, a beautiful town rich in history that few people really know but that Cocco on the road decided to tell you. The town in which we’ve been growing hosts us in these holidays, and we’re glad to meet up friends, our family, but also to help you better know this town. Old ...

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Shopping in Hong Kong: Causeway Bay.

martedì, gennaio 31, 2017

How many things can we tell about the distant China and Hong Kong. Today we will talk about a place that fascinated us in Hong Kong. Our curiosity is up to Causeway Bay. Causeway Bay (Chinese: 銅鑼灣) is a densely populated area of Hong Kong, and also one of the most expensive on the rents of ...

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Ireland, accommodation sensational.

lunedì, novembre 28, 2016

Sea, mountains, lakes, expanses of fields and even cities. Ireland is a magical place to visit especially in summer where the weather is not too cold and damp, allows the fullest, with excursions and trips to discover this island. Many tourists who stop in Dublin and in coastal areas, but also the hinterland offers views ...

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Flying in style…

martedì, settembre 20, 2016

The new uniforms of the flight attendants of Alitalia airline have raised several agreement and disagreement. Some people liked the red uniform with green stockings (in my opinion bad style), those who have denigrated in any way this choice of designer Ettore Bilotta. But over the years the flight attendants, each airline, had to wear uniforms ...

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Give color to the beaches.

lunedì, agosto 1, 2016

This article we thought and we dedicate to all those who have stopped to look just beige beaches and unfortunately do not know the existence of fantastic beaches, around the world, which have as peculiarity of different colors from the usual, to be left stunned. In truth there are so many but we have compiled a ...

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