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Brescia light up with the International Festival of Lights.


I told you that in Brescia there is a castle dating from the Middle Ages that overlooks the city and offers a magnificent view on it. Needless to say that all those who pass by here choose the Castle as a stop for a visit, because it keeps well, the management for the restructuring is very present and there is no reason to dream of being ladies and knights, at least for a day.


So I want to tell you a good initiative that will take place right here, within its high walls. 11 and 15 February will be held the International Festival of Lights, “CidneON” and will be the first festival of lights in Europe made entirely of a castle. As the main goal you want to appreciate the history and culture which together with the landscape and environment can just find in the Castle.

The event is sponsored by the Friends Committee Cidneo Onlus association with the artistic collaboration Cieli Vibranti and coordination of the International Organisation Light under the super vision of Robbert Ten Caten. Interesting is also free entry to everyone, every day from 18.30 to 22.30 (last entry).

The theme of the show will be the Fire, dedicated to the Saints Faustino and Giovita (the patron saints of Brescia), which together have protected, with their spirit, the walls of the Castle during various battles including that of the Ten Days.

The route will extend through:

  • OUTER WALLS with the representation of the patrons San Faustino and Giovita during their appearance on the same tack.
  • PORTAL OF ENTRY also called The Lion’s portal where the symbol of the Serenissima Republic of Venice precisely depicting the lion of St. Mark oversees the main entrance of the Castle.


  • SQUARE OF LOCOMOTIVE here evoke the culture and Celtic traditions that during the worship of their god Bergimus, set down here the first building as a symbol of their devotion.
  • MIDDLE TOWER which symbolizes poets and writers associated with this city and have dedicated it works and literary quotations. Catullo, Carducci, D’Annunzio up to the Pope Paul VI.


  • DRAWBRIDGE that shows the time of the Middle Ages and the TOWER OF PRISONERS, which was used just as male prison, will both be lit for the occasion by the Dutch company Afterlight.


  • COURTYARD MASTIO dedicated to the Renaissance and revolutionary period Brescia with a tribute to the painter Girolamo Romani known as Romanino.
  • PATH TO THE TOWER OF FRENCH with the representation of time that will pass through the labyrinth around the tree-lined avenue, lit with strings of colored lights, to reach the Tower of French.


  • TOWER OF FRENCH where it will be turned on a nine meter high flame, a symbol of CidneON, as a tribute to the city, its industries that give the work every day.
  • DITCH THE MARTYRS or garden of memory, dedicated to all the citizens of Brescia who fought for freedom and for that they were shot by the Austrians during the Ten Days in 1849.
  • TOWER COLTRINA where he will play The Tree of Life, which was a triumph as a symbol of EXPO in Milan in 2015 and remember how Brescia is so inclined to technology for a better future.
  • TUNNEL with a tribute to one of the greatest masters of the piano Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, with exclusively aural representation.


  • PIT VISCONTEA where you will use the Visual Plan, which is a tool that allows you to create moving images using a MIDI keyboard where you can play dynamic designs interacting with recorded or live music.
  • SAN MARCO GUNBOAT where you can retrace the path enchanted with trees and all the surrounding landscape magically illuminated by colors that invoke tranquility and peace.
  • BASTION OF SAN MARCO a garden of many bright flowers made by Brescia primary school children in collaboration with the Department of Education of the city of Brescia.


Imagine the history and the past merging with the technology and the magic of the lights, all seasoned with the effect of unforgettable music to give a moment of absolute beauty.


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