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Armenia, as you have never seen…


Armenia is an Asian state, which borders to the north with Georgia, on the south by Iran, to the north-east and south-west with Azerbaijan and to the west with Turkey. Little known as a tourist destination but very safety and offers much more than other more famous destinations.

Armenia is one of the first countries in the world to adopt Christianity as a religion already in 301, the state ordered the construction of the first Catholic Church: the Mother Echmiadzin Cathedral. Since 2000, the cathedral is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Mother Echmiadzin Cathedral

Below I will list some of the reasons or curiosity why this place is worth a visit:

  • Yerevan, Armenia’s capital is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded in 782 BC by King Argishti I, also would be more ancient than Rome (29 years apart). Armenia is actually part of 6 the oldest countries in the world along with Iran, Greece, Egypt, China and Japan.

Republic Square

  • In Areni village they found the oldest wine cellar in the world, where the wine was produced more than 6000 years ago. Some experts have also discovered that the grapes used were the ancestors of the famous Pinot Noir. Every year in October there is the wine festival, with music, traditional food and of course good wine.
  • Not only wine but also cognac, are excellent producers. Already in 1887 they began to market the distillate in the world who became Shustov cognac, name that gave him a Russian merchant.
  • Armenia is also known, from the ninth century, as a power in the chess game. Since 2011, from primary school onwards, it is taught chess to students, having been included as a mandatory lesson.
  • The first textbook in the world of arithmetic problems was written by an Armenian mathematician, David the Invincible, in the sixth century. A copy of this book is kept at the Matenadaran, an ancient library, located in the capital, where there are manuscripts, Armenian and other origins, medieval and modern.

Matenadaran ancient library

  • Lavash, Armenian bread, from 2014 is in the list of UNESCO world intangible heritage. Crispy and light is a real treat if accompanied with sauces and traditional Armenian cuisine.


  • There are 8 cultural sites on the territory of Armenia, entered in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage: the Monastery of Haghpat (X-XIII century), the Monastery of Sanahin (X century), the Cathedral of Echmiadzin (IV century), Church St. Hripsime (VII century), the Church of St. Gayane (seventh century), the archaeological site of Zvartnots (VII century), Geghard Monastery (IV-XIII century) and the Church of San Shoghakat (seventeenth century).

The archaeological site of Zvartnots

  • How Not to mention the cable car “Le Tatev” wings the longest in the world for passenger transport, over its length on the Guinness Book of Records. Open since October 2010, 5752 meters long, built in just 10 months, pretty to go to enjoy a breathtaking view and to reach the Tatev Monastery.

Panorama from the cable car

I have convinced you? I remind you that the climate is dry continental type, warm summers with temperatures ranging between 22°/36°C, cold winters with temperatures between -15°/-1°C. So the best time to visit this wonderful place is in spring and autumn.

So many other historical sights and modern await you here, in an ancient land but at the same time modern and fascinating.


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