About us


Here I am, my name is Marika, I am a very shy person and I am dreamer. Traveling is my passion, it is in my DNA, as when I was a kid, my parents were moving very often, so we were changing city and house. So, I was born “gipsy” and I couldn’t avoid to become what I am, a traveler who is in love with the history, the sea, the beautiful landscapes and the nature.

I hardly take the first step and usually I prefer to listen to people and see who I’m facing, then I am able to interact easily and open myself, and once I do, nobody can stop me!

The idea of writing in a blog, came from my daughter, that was listening to one of my story of travels and adventures, and told me “Mom why don’t you write a book and tell all your stories?”. Well for the book… who knows, maybe one day, but to share my experiences and my travels yes, I could do it.



And here comes Cocco On The Road. Cocco is the name of the puppet monkey of my daughter, that is taking to every trip we have, joining us and with his curiosity, showing what our photos can capture, as all this remain good memories of.

Travel is a magnificent experience, is a wealth of culture that sometimes neither books and studies can give you, because exploring worlds, cultures and peoples with their traditions is worth a thousand words.



Daniela, young girl who decided to dump everything and flew abroad to seek for something different. Now she lives in Malta and works for a multinational company, but she doesn’t forget and abandon her passion, which regards sharing travelling stories, experiences, events and lifestyle. Thanks to her we have turned our blog into a magazine and we have managed to be present all over the world, by sharing our experiences in English.

Katia, whimsical and cheerful, always ready with a joke. Despite being a single mom does not give up traveling, sharing with us her experiences. Traveling alone or in company of her daughter, was born so the idea Travel for single parents.

Amy lives both in Brescia and Padua, where she studies Modern languages and literatures, so basically her love of travelling comes together with her love of writing. She lived in Sweden and Germany and she travelled both around Asia and Europe.




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